Different Steps To Be Followed For Nova Scotia Province Nomination Process

Posted by Admin on November 5, 2018

Different Steps To Be Followed For Nova Scotia Province Nomination Process

Nova Scotia Province Nomination process conducts draws on a regular basis for both the streams, they include

1. Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

2. Nova Scotia International Graduate Stream

The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream is a part of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. The above stream offers an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to migrate to Canada. It is an easy pathway for Canada immigration.

Steps to be followed for Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream  

First Step: EOI

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Second Step: Invitation to Apply(ITA)

Top Scoring applicants will receive notification, that they are invited to submit a formal application in the form of ITA (Invitation to Apply).

Third Step: Personal Interview & Business Performance Agreement

Those individuals who meet the eligibility requirement outlined will get contacted for a personal interview. All unsuccessful interview candidates and applicants who fail to attend the interview within the 60-day time limit would result in application closure.  The individuals who complete the interview successfully, the individual will be sent a Business Performance Agreement to review and sign.

Fourth Step: Work Permit and Business Establishment

All those applicants who have been successful in receiving a work permit will be able to enter Nova Scotia along with their family and they can start or acquire a business.  These process should be done within a one year of receiving the Entrepreneur Approval letter.

Fifth Step: Nomination Request

The nomination request form would seek details of the business and would need the submission of an audit opinion as well as Special Purpose Report.

Sixth Step: Apply for Permanent Residence

After getting nominated, the applicants can apply for Canada PR in less than six months.

The requirements for Nova Scotia Province Nomination under Entrepreneur Stream

  • Age must be 21 or above.
  • Should be willing to live in Nova Scotia and at the same time should own as well as run business in Nova Scotia province.
  • Should have at least net worth of $600,000.
  • Need minimum investment nearing to $150,000 so that they can establish or purchase a business in the province.
  • Require a minimum of three years of experience to actively manage as well as own business (at least 33% ownership) or have above five years of experience in any of senior business management role.
  • Get a minimum score of five on Canadian Language Benchmark for listening, speaking, reading and writing in both languages in English or French.

To know whether you qualify for Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program under any stream, schedule an appointment with our Canada immigration consultants, they will provide you with the further details of the Nova Scotia province and the way to get the Canada PR.

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