Economic immigrants are Popular When Compared to all other immigrant Categories

Posted by Admin on September 3, 2018

Economic immigrants are Popular When Compared to all other immigrant Categories

The Canada government is planning to invite about one million immigrants by 2020. In other words, in next three years, one million immigrants will be getting an invite from the Canadian government. In the parliament, the above plan was revealed in the Multi-year immigration plan tabled by the Canadian federal government.  One million people would be entering Canada will be belonging to any of the four categories they include,

  • Family class
  • Economic immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Humanitarian and other categories

The Economic immigrants are most popular; these people desire to become Canada Permanent Residents based on their skills. There are different programs which will help them to achieve the above goal, they include

  1. Provincial Nominee Program
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  3. Federal Skilled Trades program
  4. Quebec Skilled Worker program
  5. Canadian Experience Class
  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Under PNP, applicants can qualify for different types of employment, such as semi-skilled workers, skilled workers, international student graduates and investors.

The PNP enables both Canadian territories as well as provinces to nominate application for permanent residents if they meet specific market needs of the territory or province in question. All those applicants who have qualified under the PNP would have their applications for Permanent Residents (PR) processed in priority to other applications.

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

In FSW program the candidates are rated based on the points system. The candidate must get at least 67 points only, then they will be eligible to migrate. Six selection factors for which points are allotted include age, work experience, education, skills in English and/or French (these are official languages of Canada), adaptability and whether the applicant has a job offer in Canada.

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program

In Canada, the provinces as well as territories can issue a certificate of qualification in the skilled trades. Hence the candidates must confirm, what is essential in the specific territory or province. Applicants who have desire to become permanent residents in the maple leaf nation, based on being qualified in a skilled trade, can apply for the Federal Skilled Trades program.

  1. Quebec Skilled Worker program

To be eligible for the Quebec-selected skilled worker, the applicants must make an application to the Quebec immigration government for a certificate of selection. The above application would include a medical exam and police verification. If the Quebec government accepts your application and issues you a certificate, then you can apply to IRCC for Canadian PR.

  1. Canadian Experience Class

Under the Canadian Experience Class, Foreign nationals, who have lived in maple leaf nation for some time, including foreign students or temporary foreign workers, might qualify to become PR under the above category.

If you wish to know more about Canada immigration, you can consult our experienced immigration experts and they will shed light on varied options you can avail and migrate to your dream destination

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