Eight Major Benefits of Australian PR

Posted by Admin on September 6, 2018

Eight Major Benefits of Australian PR

People prefer to migrate from their homeland to Australia to have a better life. These individuals to be granted a right to work, study and live without any limitation in Australia, they must apply and get Permanent Residency (PR). Below we have listed eight major benefits of Australia PR


  1. Right to live in Australia indefinitely

People having Australian PR can live indefinitely. They can also enjoy facilities such as unlimited travel to and from Australia once they become a permanent resident.

  1. Unlimited freedom to pursue the desired course of study

These individuals have various options to choose when it comes to University education and they can also avail certain education loans, which is only available to those having Australian PR.

  1. Working in Australia becomes easier with Australian PR

All those people having permanent residency can work for any employer in any occupation. To be eligible to work for the Armed Forces as well as Public Service, one has to be an Australian Citizen.

  1. Benefits offered by Social Security Department of Australia

The permanent residents should hold on for a period of 2 years before they are entitled to receive numerous social security benefits such as unemployment, sickness and student benefits offered by the above department.

  1. Enjoy the privilege of Health insurance scheme

The Major benefit that the permanent residents would enjoy is health care entitlement. As a permanent resident of Australia, these individuals will enjoy the privilege of health insurance scheme run by the government called Medicare.

  1. Sponsor their relatives for the acquisition of permanent residence

We find Australian Permanent residents can sponsor their relatives for the acquisition of permanent residence. But this is possible only after the applicant meets certain residence as well as support assurance pre-requisites.

  1. Children born to permanent residents

Children born to permanent residents in Australia are deemed Australian Citizens by birth. It is very advantageous; they can enjoy maximum benefits in the field of education and healthcare.

  1. Gets right to apply for Australian consular assistance

The permanent resident of Australia gets the right to apply for Australian consular assistance overseas when things get a little rough abroad.

There are different paths one can choose to attain Australian Permanent Residency. You can immigrate to Australia through family ties, business, work. Are you interested to enter and permanently settle in Australia, if yes, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration consultants, we would be glad to assist you.

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