Family Immigration to Canada- how’s it going to help your next generation

Posted by Writer on January 16, 2018

Family Immigration to Canada- how’s it going to help your next generation

Among thousands of people who plan for migration to Canada, a larger proportion is families. They choose Canada not only for their own career growth but most importantly, for the quality of live and standard of education they want their children to experience.  Over the years, Canada has contributed in different ways to migrant families. Free education in Public schools of Canada is something that most immigrants are fascinated about. When surveyed with our internal clients who successfully settled in Canada as permanent residents, many said that education is definitely a factor they recommend this nation to their relative families & friends.

Well, we aren’t writing this information solely based upon the feedbacks we received in our internal survey, but also with reference to the primary findings of undated government report. Garnet Picot, an expert on economic integration of immigrants produced a report with some interesting findings on dependent immigrant children. According to the report named the Educational and Labour Market Outcomes of Children of Immigrants- Success to be preserved, we learnt a fact that children of immigrants in Canada enjoy significant educational and economic success. This is eventually counted as a unique achievement to Canada. Moreover, immigration and immigrants both, have a positive impact on citizens of Canada. The report says that both of these successes are not evident even in high immigration rated countries like the United States and Europe.

With this being said, here’s a glance at how immigrants (especially dependent children of immigrants) are at a larger benefit in the Maple Country than any other international country of the world:

Nothing will match your child’s growing caliber in Canada

Whether you are looking for a daycare or an elementary school for your child, as an immigrant you will not face any difficulty in finding one. There are plenty schools available throughout the country, though Public Schools are often a darling choice. While free education is certainly one of the reasons for this choice, the attention given to each child enrolled is not a reason to be missed out here. The quality of education imparted in such schools can be analyzed through the stats, which show that despite children attend free education they have been recorded to be the highest scorers in international student assessments like OCED PISA Study.

Canada also has a number of private schools which charge a tuition fee which is relatively lesser than the tuition fees charged in the schools of United States. These schools are well known for the standard of education they follow and scope they build for young children. Be it a private school or a public school, English & French languages are a favorite of both. By studying in Canada from childhood, children create a base of recognition for themselves.

Job, house, money- your child will have everything

Just imagine, there’s a job desk just waiting for your child to grow? How about you get to know that your child’s employment is confirmed in Canada during his childhood? This all sounds great, doesn’t it? There are plenty of vacancies in Canada which the government predicts would/can be filled only either by immigrants or immigrant children (upon their growth). By 2035, a larger proportion of Canada’s population will retire. Since the birth rate is too low, Government by no choice will depend upon immigrants. And, note this- first priority will be given to your child, as an immigrant child.

Since children of immigrants or Canadian permanent residents  have treasures like adaptability, Canadian education and know-how of Canadian policies, they’ll be a priority for employers and government both. When employers are unable to hire local citizens, they will look for permanent resident talent. The constraint of training & overseas taxes will cut down. And what will your child get in return? A high paying job in big companies of the country- earning the double-triple more than his Indian friends!

Prompt Citizenship- a gift for generations

Immediately after you move with your family, you get permanent residency. That’s certainly amazing. Just after a stay of 3 years on your permanent residency status, you get a citizenship. Isn’t that even more amazing? Canada offers its permanent residents (and families) to settle in the country forever by obtaining permanent citizenship. While free education and free healthcare are benefits of being permanent resident, on gaining citizenship, you and your family can do anything. You can run your own business, own a house, sponsor parents/relatives, vote for your favorite ministry, and travel anywhere without restrictions. This citizenship with stay with you and be inherited to the generations that are to follow.

It is no doubt that Canada, today is a better than destination than United States and Europe for your child’s future. Not only is this country welcoming you with is arms wide open, but also your entire family for a forever-stay.  When Canada has so much to offer you in 2018, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity.

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