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Q1. What are the basic eligibility requirements for Subclass 186 visa?
• Need to have needful skills. • Must be able to get a nomination from an Australian employer. • Should be able to prove good health and character.
The documents needed for Subclass 186 visa are: • Identity Proofs • Residence Proofs • Documents related to skills • English Proficiency documents • Character and Medical certificates • Other relevant documents.
• You can stay in Australia for indefinite period of time. • Can study and work from Australia. • Easily enroll for Medicare (health-related services). • Eligible for sponsoring relatives for Australia PR. • Can travel to and fro from the country. • Can apply for citizenship and more.
Yes, it is essential for you to have your skills assessed. These proofs help as evidence to support your application.
A skill assessment is valid until the expiry date mentioned on the reports. Usually, it is for a period of three years.
The conditions which you need to qualify for applying Subclass 417 visa are: • The purpose of your visit should be tourism. • Need to undergo a health test and qualify for it. • You cannot work for the same employer for over six months.
In order to apply for subclass 417 visa, you need to have your age in between of 18 – 30 years. Additionally, you should also not have any dependent children.
The validity of the subclass 417 visa can be up to 12 months from the first entry in the country.
You can leave and re-enter the country for multiple number of times until your visa validity
People belonging from 27 countries can apply under this visa program. The countries are: United States of America, United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, Uruguay, Chile, Estonia, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Republic of Cyprus, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Malta, Netherlands, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Bangladesh.

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