Gear up for 2020 with Top 20 Jobs in Canada

Posted by Sudhakar K on January 25, 2020

Gear up for 2020 with Top 20 Jobs in Canada

Looking for a change in job? Dreaming to settle in abroad? Recently received your graduation certificate and thinking what’s next? Want to work in a developed country? Not understanding how to and where to start? Burst the bubble of doubts!

With the start of the new year, also comes a new opportunity

2020 has started and got along with it lot of opportunities. Also the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. Canada being a liberal country is the all-time favourite destination for an immigrant to start a new life.

Canada is the most ideal country to settle and work in 2020. Around 200,000 jobs are available in 20 different in-demand occupations in Canada.

Health care, IT, trade skilled and logistic sector are in the list of most demanded jobs in Canada for 2020. If you have an experience in any of the in-demand skills of Canada, you have several options to fly to Canada.

With the commencement of the Express Entry System for permanent residency gives a fair chance for a foreign citizen to immigrate to Canada. Express Entry targets a skilled worker who is ready to live and support the country’s economy.

Express Entry is now a bridge to get permanent residency status for Canada. To make it even more convenient the immigration department has started with the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Around 11 provinces have their nomination programs.

If a person receives a nomination from the province, it’s a jackpot! Thus the nomination multiple your chances by three folds for receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada. PNPs aim for a skilled worker for in-demand occupations required for that province’s labour market.

The Canadian government has come up with many well-know immigration processes and visas. This is for a smooth way for the immigrant to start their new life in Canada.

Permanent Residency process is quite straightforward and with a detail list of supporting documents. Having said that before, let’s see the top 20 in-demand jobs in Canada for the year 2020 and then know how we can get there.

Know the top 20 occupations in-demand in Canada

Canada being one of the developed countries, there is a shortage of manpower in the economic market. The reasons revolving around this problem are the Canadian natives getting retired at an early age or reaching the age of retirement.

Another reason is the younger generation is taking up managerial level roles or moving to metropolitan areas for better opportunities. As the locals are unable to fit in resulting in the increasing of Job vacancies.

To fill in this gap the government has come up with a target to invite 1 million foreigners to Canada as a permanent resident by 2020. The goal for 2020 is to invite 341,000 young talented workforces as a resident.

For reaching this target, the government has started with programs for faster visa processing. If you find your occupation in the below top 20 list, you have the sure-shot opportunity to get an invitation to be the permanent resident of Canada.

Occupation No. of Jobs Hourly Wages (CA$) Province In-demand
Account Manager 146000 43 Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Aerospace engineer 14300 42.79 Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec
Aircraft Pilot 11400 37 Alberta, British Columbia
Business Management Consultant 49300 34.62 Saskatchewan, British Columbia
Chef or Cook 15900 22.5 Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick
College or Vocational Instructors 57100 35 Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia
Construction Estimator 6600 29 British Columbia, Saskatchewan
Dispensing Optician 2500 23.08 British Columbia, Saskatchewan
Early Childhood Educator 13200 24.26 Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick
Farm Worker 8200 20.8 Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick
Industrial Electrician 12500 33.5 Manitoba, New Brunswick
Long-distance Truck Driver 135900 21 Quebec, Saskatchewan
Occupational Therapy Assistant 18700 22 Ontario, Alberta
Pharmacist 11300 46.89 Manitoba, Ontario
Pipe fitter 9800 35 Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia
Psychologist 10000 40 Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
Registered and Licensed Nurse 139700 36 Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia
Software Engineer 18600 43.27 Ontario, British Columbia
Veterinary Technician or Assistant 5700 17.15 New Brunswick, British Columbia
Welder 30800 35

Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia,  Manitoba

Convenient ways to reach Canada in 2020

Now that you know the skill which is in-demand for the year 2020, now let’s see how you can go to Canada as a permanent resident.

There are 2 most reliable ways to settle in Canada among many programs.

  1. Express Entry

One of the best and convenient ways to immigrate to Canada is by Express Entry Program. This program targets skilled experience candidates to start living and working in Canada. Express Entry is a point-based program and manages the entire candidates’ application profile in 3 classes:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FSTW)
  • Canada Experience Class (CEC)

The candidates get points based on core factors: age, education, work experience, language skills, and adaptability. The good part of this way is you do not have to show a job offer. Also, you have full freedom to settle anywhere in Canada.

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs

Each province of Canada has its own set of criteria and requirements for its labour market. To overcome it all the provinces have started to nominate a candidate wherein they invite them to settle in their province.

There are around 11 province program going on and require skilled or semi-skilled workers. There is a need to have a valid job offer from the province to get a nomination invitation. Apart from this, you should be willing to reside in that province itself.

By getting the nomination from provincial nominee program, you will get extra 600 points. This increases the definite chance of getting an invitation to apply for Canada PR.

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The process is different for every profile because each candidate has different skill experience or education. This is unique and different from other profiles. Thus, it may confuse you and also it can be a long process to assess.

As you are new to all this, there can be high chances of missing the best and the fast option for immigration. One profile can may have required score for going through Express Entry and other profiles need to boost up their score either by job offer or with province nominee.

How will you know which is best for you? To avoid all this confusion we are here to take care of all the processes on behalf of you. We have a free counseling session where our experts will tell you which process to go with.

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