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Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany is a beautiful country with plenty of employment opportunities for skilled talent. The country is open for skilled professionals from worldwide to come and search for a job that best suits their professional traits. The Germany Job Seeker Visa is one such pathway designed for skilled professional’s easy entry into the country.

The Job Seeker visa of Germany allows young and experience professional to appeal for a temporary immigration, enter the country and look out for job provided that they meet several prerequisites set by the Government. Professionals on job seeker visas are allowed to stay in Germany for a period of six months and hunt for their skilled job. On finding a job successfully, a Germany work permit or a Germany work visa is offered.

Upon showing evident stay and meeting certain set parameters, a Germany Job Seeker visa holder can apply for permanent immigration through the EU Blue Card.

  1. The Germany Job Seeker Visa is much popular as a job search permit or a temporary residence permit. By the means of this visa, an eligible professional can make a legal entry into Germany, search for a job and upon employment extend his visa with a work permit. This visa solely works on eligibility parameters and does not have any obligations of job offer or scoring of points.

    The application procedure of a Germany job seeker visa is simple and involves a quick process. You need to prove your eligibility by meeting the standard eligibility parameters and then apply for the visa online. Interview is conducted for the applicant and based upon the performance; he is accepted or denied for the visa.

    Germany Job Seeker Visa also serves as a quick pathway for one to obtain the German permanent residency status through EU blue card. Upon showcasing a successful employment and a stay of 33 months on the work permit, EU blue card can be claimed. Within 8-9 years of stay on the EU Blue Card, the applicant can become German citizen, along with eligible family members.

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  2. To qualify for a Germany Job Seeker visa, the German Government has set several prerequisites. Only upon meeting these prerequisites, you are eligible to apply for the visa:

    • Must have minimum Bachelors degree, which must be equivalent to a German degree (preferably in subjects related to STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics)

    In case, you have a graduation certificate in a program which does not qualify for a regulated profession (i.e. not governed by the Federal Government Recognition Act), you need to get your qualification assessed by the Central Office of Foreign Education (ZAB)

    • Must have at least 5 years of work experience in the related field of study
    • Must demonstrate sufficient funds (equivalent to rupees 3.5 lakh in liquid cash)
    • Must have a health insurance coverage and travel insurance secured (at least lasting till the time you find a job and receive the work permit)

  3. Upon meeting the eligibility parameters, you need to gather all documents that are required in submission of the Germany Job Seeker Visa. These documents act as supporting documents to your immigration application. Also, the below documents are to be submitted in a set of 2.

    • Valid Passport (not older than 10 years, with a validity of more than 12 months of your scheduled return)
    • Qualification documents (German degree or equivalent)
    • Work Experience certificate
    • A detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) with proper information of your skills and performed responsibilities
    • Cover Letter which details out your purpose of going to Germany, your plans of searching for employment, period of stay and your back-up plan in case you are unable to find an employment in Germany
    • Proof of accommodation in Germany
    • Letter of obligation from sponsor (if any)
    • Bank account statement (as support documents to your financial stability)
    • Proof of identity, residency, marital status etc.
    • Proof of healthcare coverage
    • Proof of travel insurance
    • An A4 sized copy of your passport data page
    • 3 passport size photographs (based on bio-metrics specifications)


    • Temporary residence permit
    • Allows stay rights and job search rights
    • No restrictions on travel within Germany
    • Pathway to German PR status (EU blue card)
    • Process in 4-6 months
    • Family can be accompanied after finding job
    • Anyone can apply; no limit on age or cap of applications
    • No English Language proficiency test is required to apply

  4. Visa Application Preparation: The application must be prepared along with relevant documents attested and visa fee payment must be done.

    Interview with German Visa application Center: In the residing home country, appointment with the German Visa application centre is booked for visa interview.

    Interview & Bio-metrics Collection: On the selected date, you are required to attend the visa interview. Also, documents verification is conducted by the authorities. You are then asked to submit bio-metrics.

    Submission of Application: Upon completion of all associated formalities, the application is sent to the consulate for processing. The process is generally completed in 4-6 months.

    Visa Approval: Application approval leads to successful issue of the visa. You can move to Germany the job seeker visa and stay there for a period of 6 months.

    In a circumstance that you are unable to find an employment for yourself in 6 months, you need to return to your home country before the date of the visa expiry.

  5. Visa Fees: EUR 60 (approx. INR 4500)

    *Qualification Assessment with ZAB: EUR 200

    Additional Fees: Fees in the range of INR 20,000 to INR 45,000 may be applicable for document verification

    ZAB is a Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB)

    EUR stands for Euro- currency of Germany, Europe

    Note: This does not include fee applicable to Kansas visa process services

    • Counselling by Expert
    • Quick Assessment
    • Customized Orientation and Checklist
    • Documentation and Verification
    • Preparation of application and filing
    • Interview Preparation Assistance
    • Follow-up with consulate

FAQs Section

Why only STEM subjects for Germany Job Seeker Visa?
Germany is a country with lack of skilled talent majorly in its STEM streams. The purpose of the Germany job seeker visa is to this fill shortage of talent with right skills invited from outer nations.
If you are unable to find job in Germany within the 6 months of the given visa validity, you need to return to your home country before your visa expires.
There are no language obligations in the application of the Germany Job Seeker Visa.
No. The Germany job seeker visa is for individual applicants. Firs the applicant needs to enter Germany and find a suitable employment. Upon receiving offer confirmation, he can switch his visa into work permit followed by PR card and then can invite family for stay.
Germany Job Seeker visa is a temporary visa which is also often called as a job search permit. The purpose of this visa is to help candidates with a chance to enter Germany and look out for jobs for 6 months.
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