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Germany Study Visa

Germany Study Visa

Germany Study Visa

Germany, a country located in the United Kingdom is a heart of students. It is one of the 3rd most preferred destination for higher studies. With attractive Universities and a globally recognized degree, Germany attracts nearly 12% of total student population who move to abroad nations annually in hopes of better education. Among the top reasons of why Germany is preferred by a huge number of students is its outstanding academic programs geared by practical learning. Along with academics and degree, potential of students is unleashed by practical learning sessions.

  1. Germany student visa is required for all candidates who either want to take up a short certification academic course or want to pursue higher studies in the nation. This requirement implies to all nationals except for the ones that represent the European nationality. Generally, the student visa of Germany for non-European nationals is called as the Visa Type D or a Residence Permit to Study in Germany.

    To apply for a Germany Student Visa, first you need to get accepted by any University of Germany. You need to enroll for admission online and get Letter of Acceptance. Immediately after you receive your letter of acceptance from any German University, you can file for your visa. However, it is important that this procedure is carried out 3 months prior to the commencement of your education program.

    For students who want to move to Germany specifically for any German Language courses, they can apply for a separate Language course visa.

    Generally, the student visa D type is valid for 3 months. As soon as the student lands in Germany, he is required to apply for a Germany Residence Permit which holds validity of 1-2 years (can be extended as per course duration). For this, student must have a confirmation of registration from the Resident’s Registration Office, confirmation of health insurance coverage and student ID from the Germany University.

    The student is required to return to his home country after his education or must apply for extended work permit in case he plans to work in Germany after his studies. He cannot overstay on the visa.

  2. While each University may have its own set of eligibility criteria for enrollment in various courses, the basic conditions to apply for a student visa are:

    • Min 65% in recent education
    • No education gap above 5 years
    • Backlogs more than 8 not accepted
    • Proven efficiency in English Language- IELTS with overall 6.5 (at least CLB 6 in each module) or TOEFL
    • Sufficient funds to manage stay (approx).

    • World-class education
    • Exposure to international life
    • Better impression on profile
    • Pathway to obtain German residency/citizenship
    • Improved chances of global employment

    • Transcripts, mark sheet and certificates of your past academics
    • Letter of acceptance/admission from the accepted German University
    • Proof of financial resources showing an ability to manage at least 720 EUR/month expenses
    • Health coverage proof
    • Language Proficiency Results
    • Application form and fee
    • Passport sized photographs
    • Declaration of authenticity for all documents

    • Choose a University in Germany and apply for admission
    • Open a blocked account
    • Receive the Letter of acceptance from University
    • Submit biometrics at the nearest center
    • Fill application form with accurate and authentic information
    • Submit application and wait for visa decision

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  3. Students who want their dependents to accompany their stay in Germany must apply for a student dependent visa separately.

  4. Student Visa Fee: €25

    Residence Permit fee: €60

    VFS Fees: INR 325.00

    Funds required:

    Students are required to showcase sufficient funds during the process. Generally, the expenses for year are estimated to 8,460 euros, (approximately 720 euro per month). However, evidence of higher funds may be demanded.

    • University Selection Guidance
    • Orientation and checklist of documents
    • Admission filing assistance
    • Visa application and process
    • Follow-up on application
    • Additional Assistance

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