Few good reasons to immigrate in 2017

Posted by Admin on March 24, 2017

Few good reasons to immigrate in 2017

Immigration is one of those sectors which experiences unpredictable ups and downs by time. The slightest change in immigration policy or visa rule ruins the entire chance of yours being eligible to settle in an international country of your choice. In such a case, how would know when is the safest time to apply for a PR visa or immigration without any hindrance to the application? Well, trying to figure out the perfect answer for this question, our research team read through several statistics. By the researches conducted, we came to a conclusion that this year, especially the first two quarters of 2017 are the best fortunate time for immigration- specifically for most immigrant favorite destinations like Canada & Australia.

Why Canada Immigration in 2017

While Canada has been a hot destination for immigration since a decade, statistics show that the numbers have hugely increased in the past one year. Considering the interest of immigrants in Canada and at the same time, the need of talented workforce from outside to be a part of the Canadian economy, the Canadian government improved several of its areas that have made it smoother and easier for applicants to file for a Canada PR visa this year.

Target set to a higher number

Canadian government this year has set a target of inviting approximately 300,000 skilled workers through its federal programs. This means that comparatively, a larger number of skilled professionals will get a chance to become Canadian permanent residents this year.

Decrease in CRS Score

Skilled Immigration applications of Canada PR visa are managed and assessed by authorities through an electronic system called Canada Express Entry. In this, applications are selected considering the highest CRS score during each  Draw, conducted at regular intervals. Since the introduction of Express Entry in January 2015, the CRS score has been experiencing a constant increase. This year is considered fortunate as the CRS score has decreased drastically since the start of 2017. Sources reveal that in the coming 2-3 months, the CRS score is sure to decrease to an unimaginable level. This means that applicants with even low scores will have high chances to receive the Canada ITA.

Increase in ITA numbers

As the CRS score has decreased in 2017, a larger number of Invitations to Apply for Canada PR will be issued to eligible applicants. Records show that during the initial months of 2017, even during the recent Express Entry Draw the highest number of ITAs was issued to eligible applications. It is predicted that with more decrease in CRS score, the ITAs soon will hit a larger number than before.

Frequent opening of PNP

When it comes to a skilled and talented workforce, Canadian provinces are lacking behind. To cope up with the current global market, Canadian Provinces need workforce from outside. To meet this initiative, the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs were made a part of the Express Entry System. Through these provinces, eligible applicants who hold skills and talent required by a respective province are offered a nomination, which eventually boosts their chance for Canada PR visa success. These PNP programs until now have very rare opening with limited quota. Since the need is urgent, the PNP programs will open frequently this year and increase the annual limit.

Why migrate to Australia in 2017

Just after Canada, Australia is another destination that aims to bring a huge immigrant crowd into the nation this year. The best time to migrate to Australia or file an Australia PR visa application is before the June-July 2017. This is because, Australia changes its Skilled Occupational List, rules, policies, and Points calculator system for Australia immigration often during the end of second quarter each year. Since these rule changes often affect applications and deem eligible to non-eligible after rule changes, we suggest to avoid any further delay if you are keen to settle in Australia by end of 2017.

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