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Hong-Kong Immigration

About Hong Kong

You won’t be Jobless in Hong Kong

Indeed one of the factors that make a country worth consideration is how it contributes to your financial status

Educational Benefits is a Pull Factor

When we talk about the countries ideal for high-quality education, Hong Kong certainly cannot be missed.

Badges Top Numbers in the list of safest countries

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a former British colony, which now falls in the Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. With a densely populated area and most of farming & fishing villages, Hong Kong has emerged as peaceful destinations to immigrate.

In terms of beauty and skyscrapers, the country stands nowhere behind in competition of popular American nations. The Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong makes Hong Kong placed in the countries with largest skyscrapers in the world.

The country is also most significant for its financial centres and trade ports. The fact that Hong Kong has severe shortage in its two of most trending sectors; the Banking & Finance sector and the Tourism & Hospitality sectors, drives more immigrants to the country who seek for better opportunities in these sectors.

When it comes to family immigration, Hong Kong has a lot benefits in store for its immigrant families and its cities are often marked with a low crime rate.

Hong-Kong Immigration

Hong Kong follows a points based immigration system similar to Canada and Australia. The interested candidate must be able to score 80-195 points under any of the two categories- General points test or Achievement Based Test.

However, like the permanent residency status of these countries, Hong Kong does not grant direct permanent residency while the applicant is within his home country. The initial PR visa is called as the quota based entry scheme, which is granted to enter Hong Kong and attend an interview with the immigration authorities.

After the successful interview, the applicant will be granted a visa which is valid up to 3 years. During these 3 years he is entitled to all rights and benefits of a permanent resident. Upon a successful stay of 7 years in Hong Kong, the visa holder can apply for Hong Kong citizenship.

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