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Why Hong Kong

Why Hong Kong?

Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong, also holding the title of ‘Asia’s World City’, is one of the most advanced, technologically-driven and innovative country in the world. People move to Hong Kong due to several reasons such as top-notch education system, awesome transport system, lowest crime rate, most efficient healthcare, utmost cleanliness and sanitation etc. to name a few. If you are looking to migrate to Hong Kong, then it fairly easy as the visa norms are not too strict. Moreover, the flying distance from India is also quite less as compared to other western countries in Europe or the America. The trading system is well sorted out and the low tax rate is also beneficial to the traders.

  1. Once you arrive in Hong Kong, you will notice that it is an extremely cosmopolitan city. You would feel that you have come to a magical fairy land. The authorities are pretty helpful with the immigrants in finding accommodation and completing other legal formalities. The temperatures remain mostly around 30 degrees so it is neither cold nor too hot by Indian standards. Another thing you would notice is that how safe it is reside here as rarely a crime happens or is reported. Be it day or night, you will never feel unsafe and unsecured. The country is immensely clean and hygienic with first-grade healthcare system in place. The government owned public hospitals as well as the private hospitals offer avant-garde medical facilities. Let’s hear from some of the folks who have migrated to Hong Kong after our expert advice:

    Food & Culture

    When I first arrived in Hong Kong with my family, I was a bit worried about food and culture. But, as soon as I went out in the local market, all my worries disappeared as I saw several restaurants offering multiple cuisines including Indian. In fact, the street food was cheaper as well as delicious. The country had several temples, mosques and churches to pray and all of them flaunted breathtaking sculpture. Must recommended

    – Ashok Kumar, Migrated in 2017

  2. I moved to Hong Kong recently in 2017. I found the city extremely safe and the transport system was also very competent and reliable. Though, it is one of the most densely populated urban regions yet it is too safe due to immensely low crime rate. The transport system is affordable and you can travel to anywhere in the country in very less time. A great great country

    – Ruchi Kokcha, Migrated in 2017

  3. If you are talented and intended to capitalize your skills and experience in order to maximize the earning and income, Hong Kong is the most suitable place for you. For instance, the banking sector in the country is always looking for fresh talent from various countries with complete visa formalities and accommodation from their end. In 2015, a survey conducted by HSBC ranked Hong Kong as the most desirable destination globally for expats who want to progress their career. See the below references so that you can believe what has been said before

    Double Salary

    I have been working in Hong Kong for the past 3 years and I am earning handsomely. I am drawing a yearly salary of 200,000 USD along with accommodation, medical insurance and 1 month holidays. When I was first offered this deal, I couldn’t believe it as I hadn’t imagined earning this much money ever if I were in India

    – Anton Das, Migrated in 2015

  4. Hong Kong has several top-rated universities for graduation and post graduation courses. They offer a vast number of courses in every stream – be it Engineering, Science, Business Management or Humanities. All the colleges and universities comprise of excellent academic facilities and students are promised guaranteed campus placement. Let’s see what some of our students had to say about this

    Well Organized Study Structure

    The courses in almost every university are well sorted out for the students. Though, in the initial year, there were more classes but as we moved towards the completion, the classes kept getting lesser. As a matter of fact, in my final year, I had just two lectures of 90 minutes in a week which was so relaxing and gave me time for self study and career counseling

    – Daniel Smith, Migrated in 2016.

  5. When I first started to study in Hong Kong, I hadn’t expected many friends and thought I might feel isolated at some point. But I was absolutely wrong, as the people in Hong Kong are amazingly friendly and love to socialize. In fact, in I have made plenty of friends who often greet and dine with each other. The study culture is also very healthy

    – Anton Rublevsky, Migrated in 2014.

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