Why IELTS is necessary to immigrate to Canada?

Posted by Admin on January 5, 2017

Why IELTS is necessary to immigrate to Canada?

It is clearly understood that for taking up a job in Canada factors like educational qualification, work experience, good character and sound health are essentials, but what is to do with language proficiency? Why IELTS for Canada Immigration?! If you too have thought about this, then here’s your answer.

While Canada’s official languages are English and French, a major population of Canada accepts English officially. For you to be a part of the Canadian crowd, knowing to read, understand, speak and write English language is compulsory. That is what IELTS does. By the means of the IELTS coaching, an aspirant planning for Canadian immigration first learns all the fundamentals of the language that would help him build a comfortable communication with the Canadians. After the coaching is done, the candidate is tested through an IELTS examination, where he must meet all the requirements of English language proficiency demanded for Canadian immigration.

What are the IELTS requirements demanded for Canada immigration?

To migrate to Canada and live in the country as a temporary or permanent professional or skilled worker, Indian immigrants must take the IELTS General Training to be eligible. You must qualify in all the four areas (listening, reading, speaking and writing) with the following as acceptable score:

Conditions associated to submission of IELTS for Canadian immigration

  • The test results will be assessed as per the Canadian language benchmark levels
  • The IELTS results you attest with your documents must be not more than two years old (must be within two years)
  • The test must be valid for up to two years
  • In case your test expires, you must re-take the test and update the results in your Express Entry profile

Tips to qualify through the IELTS

  • Before you attempt your reading tests for IELTS, practice a variety of English texts. This will develop your ability to read quickly and perfectly.
  • Highlight or circle the key words as you read. For instance, if you are reading content that contains names, places or dates mark them- it will be easy for you to remember.
  • Focus on your spellings. As writing is an important aspect of the IELTS test and it does count for Canada English language requirement, make sure that you are accurate at your spellings. You can use online spelling tools or dictionaries to revise your spelling and writing skills.
  • Listening audio clips will be great for candidates to improve on their speaking skills. With upright audios, people will learn to pronounce words the right way.

Should you wish to know more information on Canada immigration or the requirements of Canada PR visa, connect to the immigration experts and they shall assist you with every aspect of your immigration process.

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