Immigrants boost economy of rich Canada in different ways

Posted by Writer on February 10, 2018

Immigrants boost economy of rich Canada in different ways

Rich countries like Canada today are encouraging more and more skilled workers to migrate to Canada and settle as permanent residents.  The lack of skilled force is a major reason why Canada is focused on inviting new talent. This being said clearly indicates how important role immigrants in Canada have to play in its economic development. A data was revealed in November 2017 of how immigrants have grown by large in the Maple country. Nearly 23.8% of the total workers in Canada are immigrants. Moreover, a recent study confirmed that Canada credits immigrants largely to make it best country of 2018 and also  the best educated countries of the world.

You may not be aware but there are many ways immigrants contribute to the economic growth of the Maple Country. Have a look at how immigrants have been a boon to Canada in the past decade:

  1. Contributions towards scientific research:

Various provinces like Alberta, Montreal, Saskatchewan are well known for their scope for researches. One of the main reasons of these provinces linking their programs with Canada PNP programs is that immigrants with research backgrounds make a huge contribution in science and research. It has been found that a number of Asians are involved actively in different research fields in this western countries. This is surely helping the research sector of Canada grow with contributions of immigrants.

  1. Qualified and skilled labour increase in thee market:

The major reason of why Canada needs professionals from outside is to fill the skills gap. Skilled professionals bring qualified and skilled labour to the country. Programs like Canada Express Entry and  Canada PR  visas are  a few sources that allow a permanent stay for skilled works accounts in bringing and retaining skilled workforce to the country.

  1. Student migration equally benefits

According to reports, there is a large chunk of international students in foreign universities who are pursuing education under good programs and courses like Engineering, Medicine etc. On completion of their education, these students are hired by employers of Canada. The student migration in this way contributes to increasing the workforce who have best Canadian adaptability.

  1. Many entrepreneurs eye Canada to establish their business:

Large number of Indians who wish to set up their own business opting for western countries. Those who wish to expand their business are also spreading their wings in countries like Canada. This is also giving a major boost to the economy of Canada by welcoming and arming new businesses.

5. Improve global ties between countries

Immigrants not only bring themselves and their families but also bring a way that enhances country ties. Indian professionals migrating to Canada certainly have a part of play in strengthening the ties between Canada and India. Moreover, the more immigrants Canada receives the more strength it brings to the relation of Canada and India.

In a nutshell:

To put it in simple words it is more than obvious that immigrants are making a very large contribution to the economy of the western countries, especially Canada. They are taking up some of the key positions in a number of good companies. Their contribution in different fields like science, technology, commerce etc is commendable. These skilled immigrants are helping the western countries earn money in a big way which is helping in the financial growth of these countries. This is one of the main reasons that a large number of western countries want more number of immigrants to migrate to their countries and contribute in the development of the western countries.

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