Immigration- a contributor to Canada’s rapid growth

Posted by Admin on July 15, 2017

Immigration- a contributor to Canada’s rapid growth

You see Canada as one of the best immigration destinations of this era, but do you think, back then was it the same? Certainly not. Canada was a destination chosen mostly by “well-off” crowd, who could afford to spend a vacation or a leisure time with family in this vibrant and lively city, or well-established businessmen who could move to Canada on showing sufficient funds and expand their horizons within this rich country. However, to skilled workers moving to Canada for a permanent work & residency was never an easy approach.

Then, how it became so easy to settle in Canada now?

While business expanded & Canada was reaching peak of success in the global market, the country was way behind in talented workforce. Several sectors had vacancies in huge numbers and the youth of Canada was unable to fill in these vacant positions. It is then, the Canadian government realized the need of workers from outside. Canada believed that skilled professionals, when invited with best facilities and benefits will opt to live and work in the country for a longer period of time and eventually call it their permanent home. With an aim to boost this initiative at a faster pace, Canada introduced the concept of permanent resident status under the Immigration Act, 1976.

Under this act, candidates with skills most needed by Canada were given an opportunity to migrate to Canada by obtaining a permanent resident visa. While this visa gave way to international permanent residency and similar work & stay rights as Canadian citizens, it was also comfortably in budget. Skilled professionals could migrate to Canada with family without having the need to break a bank. Hence, it became the most convenient pathway for skilled professionals to settle in Canada.

What has changed in Canada immigration over the years?

Initial reports of Canada’s 2016 census reveal that two-thirds of Canada’s population growth between 2011 and 2016 owed its existence to its immigration. Immigration helped Canada increase its population by five percent in a span of just five years. Today, Canada is termed as fastest growing nations in G7, for the past fifteen years.

Until 2015, Canada followed a quota based system for immigration. While this system helped the country attract foreign talent, it had several loopholes. Since it was a first-come first-serve system, many of the eligible and talented professionals were left unfortunate when the quota reached its limit. Canada then aimed to introduce a fair system, that would be open for all and candidates are given a PR visa based on core human capital factors. In January 2015, Canada Immigration Department in association with Canadian government introduced the Canada Express Entry System. Under this new system, candidates are chosen according to the points they score for their skill set and ability to live in Canada.

Various provinces of Canada realized the need of skilled talent and aligned themselves with Express Entry through a program called Provincial Nominee Program. This program helps province select eligible candidate through Express Entry and nominate them for a Canadian Permanent Residency.

Today’s Canada has everything for immigrants

Canada’s skilled workforce is aging and birth rate is low. A report from the Conference Board of Canada, released in October 2016, projected that to strengthen the economic growth, and be a remedy for aging population, Canada  will need around 413,000 newcomers p. a. by 2030.  To achieve this target, Canada made immigration more flexible and bestowed PR visa holders with the enormous benefits. Here are the most prominent to list:

  • Migrate to the country without any job offer in hand
  • Choose to work for any employer in Canada
  • Right to anywhere in country for indefinite period of time*
  • Accompany family to stay on the same visa category
  • Claim free education for kids & medical benefits for entire family
  • Apply for unemployment benefits & social benefits
  • Apply for Canada citizenship on completion of 3-4 years

Scope for Immigrants in 2017

2017 is one of the best years for immigrants, especially for the applicants of India. The IRCC Year End Report 2016 clearly indicates that among the total population invited, Indian immigrants were invited in the largest number. It is predicted that going further they may have these chances increased. Have a look at the scope of immigrants in 2017, in varied areas of Canada immigration:

Visas to be issued: In the beginning of 2017, Canada set a  target of welcoming between 280,000 and 320,000 (target 300,000) new permanent residents during the span of the entire year. In  this overall target, only 73,700 ITAs were set for economic humanitarian programs (FSW, FSTW, CEC & AIPP). In just a span of six months, Canada invited nearly 50,752 candidates. This clearly indicates that the government many invite approx. 23,000 candidates during the next 6 months. Hence, it is advised that candidates with right skill set and a positive evaluation report in hand must not delay their application, so as to get their ITA within this year’s set target.

Top Targeted Sectors: There are several high-paying jobs (median salary $30.00 per hour) in Canada offering a tremendous scope for immigrants. The country expects nearly 15,000 job prospects covered between 2015-to-2024 by immigrants, exclusively in the spheres of:

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Engineering
  • Medial & Healthcare
  • Human Services
  • Business, Finance, Commerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Education
  • Skilled Trades
  • Law

Best Provinces to Apply: Government aims for 51,000 fresh immigrants through its Provincial Nominee Programs and 29,000 immigrants through its separately-run Quebec immigration program. To achieve this target with in time, provinces may open at a frequent interval. Candidates who are eligible & seeking for PNP nomination must keep ready their applications for a quicker submission.

Nevertheless Canada has experienced great improvements through its immigration system. It is believed that the country is yet to benefit larger from immigrants and vice versa. Stay tuned to our media section to know future updates on Canada immigration.

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