​Canada announces re-opening of the International Experience Canada Program 2017

Posted on October 20, 2016

One of the most prominent programs for youngsters of the world, the International Experience Canada Program reopens for 2017. This program provides youngsters worldwide to enter into Canada for a temporary period of time and allows them to live and work in Canada anywhere.

Over the past few years, this program has gained a huge popularity and success among youngsters of various nations. A large number of youngsters who came to Canada on IEC temporary work visa, ultimately made Canada their permanent home by extending their stay through permanent residency. As this program re-opens for 2017, applicants from various nations can sign a reciprocal agreement with Canada and whoever meets the eligibility criteria as on October 17, 2016 can create a profile and enter into the respective pool, as per the category they choose and the nationality they hold. This program features three categories:

  1. Working Holiday
  2. Young Professionals
  3. International Co-operation

The application to any of the above work permits can be made only after the applicant receives an ITA.