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By 2021, Canada Aims to Welcome about 350,000 New Immigrants Annually

Posted On: 01-Nov-2018
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By 2021, Canada Aims to Welcome about 350,000 New Immigrants Annually

On Wednesday, Canada Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen stated that Canada plans to welcome about 1.3 million new immigrants by the year 2021. It would comprise nearly 1% of the nation’s population. This year, it expects to welcome around 310,000 new immigrants and plans to accommodate about 40,000 more immigrants by 2021.

The announcement is stated as a part of Canada government’s revised plan for multi-year immigration levels. The above plan covers for coming three years. The target would increase annually from 310,000. It would take into account of all classes of new arrivals.

Most of the newcomers admitted would be entering the nation under economic programs, which are created to address the problem of the skill shortage as well as to meet the gaps in the labour market.

In specific regions, there are too many jobs but not enough workers. Hence, with this plan, it would make the nation more competitive in the world market and also help the country to continue to be leading, as a welcoming nation. This isn’t an end; it will also help in positioning as a leader, for attracting skilled professionals.

Numerous immigration advocates and economic groups have proposed to increase the Canada Immigration numbers. According to the report of 2016, the Canadian government’s economic advisory council has suggested about permitting 450,000 individuals.

Hussen stated that the Liberal government ensures to take the measured approach and make sure that the newcomers get access to appropriate settlement services.

He further added, “You need to be able to house them, you need to be able to settle them, you need to be able to provide integration services”.

The present government had increased funding nearing to 30% for settlement service since it has come to power, but if the immigration levels plans tend to grow dramatically, this would need a further increase in funding.

Canada has drawn a plan to gradually increase the number of refugees it would accept based on family reunification, sponsorship programs and humanitarian basis. The figures would reach from 43,000 to 51,700 by the year, 2021.

The lion share would be from new entrants under the nation’s immigration levels plan, which is around 72%, they would get allocated under economic programs for the year 2021.

The Immigration Minister has acknowledged that more efforts must be put to help refugees across the world. Also, he even added that – he fights every single day so that the nation increases the number of refugee admissions.

He said additional funding had been allocated to bring around 1000 girl refugees as well as vulnerable women to Canada in the coming two years.

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