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300,000 New Immigrants is the new normal threshold for Canada- Immigration Minister says

Posted On: 01-Nov-2017
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300,000 New Immigrants is the new normal threshold for Canada- Immigration Minister says

While the nations worldwide are waiting for Canada Immigration Levels Plan for 2018, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen satisfied the immigration-motivated crowd by declaring the standard threshold of immigrants for Canada each year. On CBC’s prominent radio show, the House, Ahmed Hussen said that country aims to accept as many immigrants possible in 2018. With this, he also confirmed that 300,000 would be the “new normal threshold” . In this context, here is what the Canadian Immigration Minister quotes:

“Three hundred thousand is now our new normal.”

“As a government we went from 260,000 to 300,000 because of the need to meet the demands of Canadian families who wanted to reunite with their loved ones.” 

“But also employers who are asking us to allow them to continue to use immigration more and more as a way to meet their growth needs.”

While Canada is all set to invite a majority of immigrants through its economic class programs (due to the increasing need of skilled workers), it will have plenty of room for family reunification. Programs of Canada Express Entry, Provincial Nominee programs, Quebec immigration programs shall be the source for skilled workers, entrepreneurs and international graduates. Likewise, families will have Family Class programs at ease to invite their families for a permanent stay in Canada.

With regards to the release of Annual Immigration Plan of Canada 2018, sources reveal that the plan will be placed in the House of Commons by next week and shall follow a quick release. To stay updated of Canada Immigration Plan 2018, subscribe to our newsletter and have the update into your inbox, instantly upon release.

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