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4 Facts which makes Canada’s Immigration System the Best among Other

Posted On: 21-Jan-2020
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4 Facts which makes Canada’s Immigration System the Best among Other

With the unfavourable economic impact and low birth rates in the western countries, which require immigrants to support the negative impact on the country. But on the other hand, there are arguments about immigration.

Canadians support immigration and many countries natives have Anti-immigrant sentiment.

Why natives have Anti-immigrant sentiment?

In the western world, there is an increase in Anti-immigrant sentiment developed in recent years. The reasons are:

  • Jobs Stealing

The local citizens feel that immigrants take up jobs available and thus be a competition for them.

  • Culture Difference

There are debates that with more immigrants in the country may suppress the country’s values as an increase in other different culture.

  • Other

Inviting immigrants can cause security to the country. Also, many immigrants depend on social service.

Why people in Canada Support Immigration?

Canada on the other side favours immigration to boost the economy. Around 80% of the natives support immigration. A polling firm, Environics Institute, researched in Canada to know this.

The pooling firm has asked the views about the immigration number and many natives want the number to increase. The federal elections held in 2019, many parties have assured to accept more immigrants.

Canada’s immigration relies on 4 factors. Several countries like Japan or Germany, Australia or Austria have their immigration system but nothing can beat the immigration system of Canada. For this, the credit goes to the 4 reasons or factors.

What are the 4 reasons which make Canada different from others?

The below 4 factors which support the immigrants to come to Canada.

  1. History of Immigration

Canada’s history was marked with intolerance, but after the Second World War, the country has become more diverse and Canada is now one of the most  multicultural countries in the whole world.

Apart from the natives, there are many immigrants and their next generations. Thus, made room for the immigrants of different backgrounds from a very long period.

  1. Canada’s Geography

The constant irregular inflow of migrants can be seen in United States, European Union member states and other Western countries. But Canada has, its geographical borders which have a regular check on the immigrant’s flow.

Previously, Canada also faced irregular immigration as they were not sure about the public view on it. But now the immigration system is back on track as the security and financial queries have been addressed.

  1. Public Policy

The policies required for identifying the immigrants and their skills are the key to the immigration system of Canada. These policies are updated when required to fill the need based on public interest.

There are around 80 immigration ways to get the required immigrant skills benefiting the country’s economy. Also, Canada is the topmost country which has invested around $1.5 billion annually for supporting an immigrant with employment, and economic and social merger.

  1. Politics

In Canada, 20% are the first generation of immigrants. All the generation of immigrants prefers staying in big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. So to form the government in these big cities, the political parties should seek the immigrate to vote them.

With the increase in immigrant number, this will also determine the increase in immigrant’s votes and lessen the chances of winning the anti-immigrant program.

How Canada can continue being the best?

As discussed above how Canada’s immigration system is best. But the immigration system needs to be updated regularly to avoid any problems. Thus, the government should work hard to improve the standard of living for the Canadians and also the immigrants.

They should also need to keep their boundaries strong and also see to it that the immigration policies are favourable to the country’s interest.

To be a part of a diverse culture and immigration system can now be possible, on considering Canada as your new home. To know how to settle in Canada, check your eligibility and start your visa process. You can also call us on 1800-102-0109 or visit one of our branches.

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