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76% of Canadian’s in support of Canada Immigration – Environics Institute Report

Posted On: 30-Nov-2018
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76% of Canadian’s in support of Canada Immigration – Environics Institute Report

According to the survey conducted by the Environics Institute, 76% of the Canadians positively support for Canada immigration.  The survey was conducted among 2,000 Canadian citizens and it resulted a minor differences in the opinions.

While comparing with the previous survey conducted in February, the present survey has shown an increase of 7% towards the acceptance of immigration. As per the survey reports, 58% disagree for the statement- “In general, Canada has too much immigration’ and a majority of 76% agree that, immigration has a good impact on Canada’s economy. This indicates that there is no disturbance among the majority of the citizens for not considering the immigration as a threat for their country.

Though, there was a 60% of disagree in the acceptance of the statement, “Overall, there is too much immigration to Canada” in the previous survey. The opinions for acceptance have increased with 7%, i.e. with 2 points.

Opinion of Canadians on Overall Impact of Immigrants on Canada

More than three-quarters of Canadians, i.e. 76% of the citizens, feel Canada immigration as a good cause for their economy. Also, the survey has found that Canadians are making their country a better place with a margin three to one, over the opinions who rejected, i.e. 45% versus 17%.

The Survey Conclude – “There is no public consensus on the overall impact that immigration has on the country, but the balance of opinion is clearly in a positive direction, and has held steady over the past seven years,” .

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