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The new update from the Schengen government states that all the travelers who are intending to travel with a Schengen visa to any of the Member Countries must obtain a New Schengen visa sticker. The stickers are more likely…

Canada Ranks on Top among 50 Countries in Investment and Immigration

People around the world have again proved Canada as the best choice to live. On a recent research of Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, Canada...
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Canadian Job Vacancies at historic high – About 433,000 jobs unfilled

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business latest Help Wanted Report, Canada is experiencing historic high job vacancies than it’s before quarter and...
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Marco Mendicino – New Canadian Minister to oversee the Liberal promises & Increase immigration targets

Canada Immigration government is going to seek a new change to its governance. Justin Trudeau, who has served as Prime Minister of Immigration, Refugees...
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Quebec to welcome up to 44,500 more immigrants in 2020 as Permanent Residents

Quebec’s Immigration Minister has made an announcement of issuing 44,500 permanent residency statuses and 24,700 selection criteria’s for new immigrants. The minister further adds...
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Justin Trudeu Wins Again! What to Look Forward in Canada Immigration during His New Term?

It’s a good news: our very own favorite ministry who brought a drastic drop in the CRS score wins the Canada Federal Elections 2019!...
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Canada Issues the Highest Number of PR Visas and Student Visas for Indians

According to the Yearly Report of Canada Immigration, Indians received the highest number of PR visas. In 2018, over 39,600 Indian citizens received Canada...
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