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A Brief Update of 2018’s South Australia Immigration Report

Posted On: 31-Dec-2018
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A Brief Update of 2018’s South Australia Immigration Report

The year 2018 had gone through great achievements in providing the Australia Permanent Residency through their Australia PR visas. South Australia and their immigration programs performed great nomination processes for their immigrants.

  • General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program: This Immigration SA has issued nearly 2,569 nominations for this year. Also, the state conducted 58 support service events like information sessions, spotlight seminars and employment workshops with over 2,100 new migrants. From the year, the support services have responded to 7,200 above enquires, completed 879 education assessments and helped 15 overseas skilled trade people in receiving a subsidy by undertaking the skill gap training.
  • Business Migration: South Australia’s famous Business Migration Program processed 684 direct meetings to clients, and welcomed potential clients from China and Malaysia with 17 delegations.
  • Immigration Graduates: This program has provided the best platform of Permanent Residency to many international graduates. Also, the immigration system attended three university career expos, along with seminars which can target hundreds of available students.
  • New Visa: The new pilot program of Immigration SA had performed well in attracting the entrepreneurs. Additionally, the state got rewarded as the pilot state for encouraging foreign entrepreneurs with its three-year Supporting Innovation in South Australia visa. The state has successfully centered with huge industries belonging to space, cybersecurity, big data, robotics and more.
  • Upgrade to Online System: The South Australia immigration system had gone through a significant upgrade to its online application. Within this process, a platform is offered for the migration agents and clients for managing the application status and to meet the South Australia Immigration website. This is a smarter process which has created by the South Australia Immigration system for inviting skill migrants and business migrants.

Since the office is closed till 2nd January 2019; the applications for South Australia Immigration system will be accepted from the next day. To get your eligibility check for Australia Immigration, fill our free eligibility check form, and our leading Australia Immigration Consultants will be soon in touch for further assistance.

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