A five-year temporary visa to be issued for Parents of Australian immigrants.

Posted on September 26, 2016

The Productivity Commission of Australia had recently recommended the government to initiate reforms to the dependent parent visa of the migrants. In response to these recommendations, the government of Australia has decided to file legislation, under which the parents of immigrants in Australia will be sponsored with a 5-year temporary visa for a short stay. As of the news, this new proposed temporary visa will make it convenient as well easy for parents to move to Australia and spend ample time with their children settled in Australia.

In context to the same, the Assistant Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke stated β€œIn planning the new visa, the Australian government recognizes that aged parents are also an asset to their families, and families are the fundamental building blocks to their society. Reuniting three generations of families has great benefits to society. In making wide consultations, the Turn bull government aims to enable the setting of the visa to have the most options.”

However, the government recommends the children settled in Australia to arrange for a private health insurance and financial security for their aged parents looking for this sponsorship visa in future.