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UK PM: After Brexit, High Priority will be given for Skilled Immigration

Posted On: 04-Oct-2018
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UK PM: After Brexit, High Priority will be given for Skilled Immigration

Following a recommendation from the Migration Advisory Committee (Mac), the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May plans to focus on tackling low-skilled immigration and at the same time wishes to place more value on skills which would help British Businesses.

She further added that new skills-based system would ensure low-skilled immigration is reduced and set the nation on the path where it will achieve sustainable levels, as promised earlier.

The nation is also taking various steps to ensure British people are trained so that they can fill skilled jobs in the future.

Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, at the Conservative Party Conference, later today would be unveiling a new policy and it is expected to reduce immigration of the low-skilled workers from Europe.

According to BBC, the post-Brexit strategy would impose a minimum salary threshold for workers who desire to stay for longer periods, this move would help in stopping the EU immigrants competing with Brits for job and those who are highly skilled immigrants who are able to secure jobs will be able to bring family members to the UK if their future employers are ready to sponsor them.

For holidaymakers and business people from so-called low-risk nations, e-gates would be available at customs. Presently this facility is available only to Citizens belonging to the European Union (EU).

The above proposals are made, based on Mac’s report recommendations, which the cabinet agreed during the last week.

May stated in the reported remarks that, two years ago, the British public voted to leave the EU and take back control of our borders. When we leave we would bring in a new immigration system which will result in the end of movement once and for all.

It would be a system that looks across the globe and would attract numerous people having the skills desired.

Crucially, the above system would be fair to the ordinary people. For long people had a feeling that they have been ignored on immigration and politicians did not bother much about their concerns.

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