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Amid US Immigration Tension, Canadian Jobs have become more attractive to Indians

Posted On: 06-Oct-2018
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Amid US Immigration Tension, Canadian Jobs have become more attractive to Indians

Job seekers from India have now started looking for options to Canada immigration, the reason being tightening of the visa requirements for US work visa.

For the month of August 2016, report finding stated that nearing to 6% of all searches originated in India for jobs outside the nation were for jobs in Canada. By July 2018, this number doubled to 13%. The report also stated that, during the same time, the US has lost a sizable share of outbound searches from the World’s second most populous nation.

Economist Brendon Bernard stated America’s changing tone on immigration and work visas has led to a 10% drop in searches from India for the same period of time.

He further added that US H-1B visa program majorly attracts high-skill workers from India, specifically in fields such as Engineering, Information & Technology and Science. In the year 2017, nearing to three-quarters of H-1B applicants were from India.

However, it has found since the time US President Donald Trump took office, the application process has not only become longer but a lot of paper has become essential. Hence it is not surprising as to why India would see the greatest shift in job searches. Bernard explained similar changes have been noticed in other nations but not to the same extent.

Few of the most commonly searched jobs included business analyst, software developer, Mechanical engineer and project manager.  Even with the above changes, the US still attracts numerous job seekers from India. Bernard said.

He explained that changing visa policies are the major reason as to why the Indian workers are looking towards Canada work permit visa instead of the US. There are other reasons as well, as to why Canada is soon becoming a more attractive prospect to international workers.

In General, Canada has a booming tech sector; hence it is a natural next step if potential job seekers find difficulty to get work visas in the US.

Recently, Canada’s tech sector has been attracting attention and numerous industry giants are announcing new jobs as well as offices in the nation.

The most recent one, Microsoft made an announcement that a new Canadian headquarters set to open in Toronto in 2020, in the month of September. Kevin Peesker, Microsoft stated in the announcement that increasingly, Canada is being recognized as a global leader in technology. The investment we are making today and into the future would surely help as well as ensure Canada to continue to be a hotbed of innovation.

Joe Greenwood, who works along with Toronto-based innovation hub MaRS Discovery district stated the Canadian tech ecosystem is growing as well as gaining attention globally. He further added that workers who plan to move abroad for work purpose not only consider about the job they also consider other things such as whether they would achieve growth and check for future opportunities as well. One more significant consideration is what would be the quality of life.

International workers are looking towards those places which are welcoming on the basis of religion, value and belief. All the above factors make Canada a natural next step for international workers who no longer are interested in the US.

Greenwood further added that numerous international workers who earlier moved to tech hubs such as California’s Silicon Valley have now become leaders in their field. This could be a real opportunity for Canada industry to broaden as well.

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