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Another chance for Parents and Grandparents to be invited to Canada

Posted On: 04-Sep-2017
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The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have called to increase the intake number of applications of Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP). Government of Canada had set an initial target of brining in 20,000 new permanent residents under the PGP in 2017. In April, 10,000 applications were chosen. The 90-day deadline to apply elapsed and IRCC had not meet its set target. Therefore, to achieve the set target, IRCC conducts another round of invitation (the second round of 2017) from September 6, 2017, which shall continue for a few days.

This means that most of the sponsors, who were unable to make it in the first round held in April, have a good chance of receiving their invitation to apply under the PGP program. However, this chance will be only for the applicants who had submitted their ‘Interest to Sponsor’ form during start of 2017 and have not been invited yet. All the invited sponsors have a deadline till December 8 to submit their complete application.

Candidates whose application was submitted after August 4 will not be considered for this round of invitation. IRCC confirmed that the registration to enter PGP’s Interest to Sponsor Pool will reopen in early 2018 for sponsors- with higher intake plan.

Who is eligible to sponsor?

To sponsor parents and grandparents under the PGP, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be above the age of 18 yrs
  • Must be a Canadian permanent resident or citizen
  • Must meet the minimum necessary income level by submitting notices of assessment issued by the Canadian Agency (CRA) in support of their sponsorship.
  • Must sign a sponsorship agreement which commits the sponsor person to provide financial aid to the sponsored parent (s).


While this is the current requirement, there is yet no update on whether, for 2018 applicants this criterion may vary or remain same.

To move this program from a first come first served model to an invitation based model, Canada introduced a new initiative “Interest to Sponsor” during the last winter. Under this system, potential applicants must have to first formally register their interest in being sponsors to their parents and grandparents Canadian immigration process. 

Source: CICnews

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