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Atlantic Employers need migrants at all skills level; happy to pay them more

Posted On: 29-Nov-2017
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Atlantic Employers need migrants at all skills level; happy to pay them more

The Atlantic provinces of Canada are in dire need of skilled professionals, at all skill levels. The highest demand is in four provinces, namely Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I. Sources reveal that these provinces are aiming to achieve immigration levels on a higher end, at the East Coast.  In this regard, the President of Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC), Finn Poschmann confirmed that the Atlantic employers are happy to pay more to bring these skilled professionals from outer nations.

It is stated that Atlantic employers need workers in all areas- tech works, sales representatives, executives for financial services and also professionals in the seafood industry. Unfortunately, despite the will to pay extra salaries, the Atlantic employers are unable to get a good number of applications- says Poschmann. Likewise, the Star quoted that to overcome the need of skilled workers, the employers are using Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program as a source to invite migrants faster.

Introduced in March 2017, Atlantic immigration Pilot Program has been a quick PR pathway for candidates with a valid Canadian job offer. The benefit for the candidates and employers is that they do not require any kind of LMIA for hiring a person on the AIPP program. In perspective of the Atlantic Provinces, this program shall help the governments to bring population growth, which otherwise has become stagnant. Low birth rates and more people in their old age have become a major reason for this. According to the Statistics of Canada, 20% of the Atlantic Provinces population is above the age of 65 years.

Through this program alone, nearly 2000 migrant workers would be invited to Canada as permanent residents in 2018.  The target would then increase to 4,000 by 2020. Under a fast-track process of AIPP, applicants can settle in Canada within a span of 6 months.

Considering the ease of hiring long-term workers, many employers of Atlantic Provinces have participated in the AIPP initiative. By figures, it is estimated that over 650 employers form a part of AIPP. Overall, more than 750 job vacancies are to be filled by this program. Canada says that 122 PRs have been granted for AIPP applications so far.

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