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To Attract Indian Students, UK plans to reintroduce Post Study Work Visas

Posted On: 08-Nov-2018
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To Attract Indian Students, UK plans to reintroduce Post Study Work Visas

A new report was launched on Tuesday, by a Parliamentary group belonging to the UK; it stated the nation’s position as a favoured destination for higher education. Several recommendations made; one of the major ones was reintroducing the Post Study Work visa for STEM fields. The nation witnessed an 8-year drop in the number of student enrolments favouring other nation’s universities over British universities.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for International Students in its report says, there is a greater need for both ambitious as well as an affirmative plan so that sustainable growth can be achieved in the 7th largest export market of Britain and reverse the situation of decline in students registering from developing nations like India.

The primary reason for the decline in overseas students recruitment key markets of the UK especially India was due to the withdrawal of Post Study Work Visa. During the period, 2010 to 2011 and 2016 to 2017, the higher education student’s number from our nation, India reduced to more than half.

The report, also took note of India exempted from the latest expanded list of nationalities as low risk for the sake of simplified and easy student visa application.

For international students, UK creates a perception of the unwelcoming environment by categorization of nationalities as the high or low risk.  As per the report, any risk assessment must be done depending on the individual’s circumstances rather than based on one’s nationality.

Nearing to 12 recommendations were made by APPG’s new report, which states that, it would work towards restoring the competitiveness of the UK in the overseas education sector, following relative decline for eight long years.

The group has highlighted that immigration rules must encourage and facilitate international students to study in the UK at multiple levels. Apart from being an attractive, post-study program, which would enable international students to gain two years of work experience in the UK after they have completed their degree.

Canada immigration is attracting more number of students from India when compared to the UK. Canada is an immigration-friendly nation.

In the report, a series of recommendation is being made for higher education institution to work along with the government so that it can continue to attract a more significant number of international students.

The APPG for International Students is a cross-party group, which helps to enhance the overseas student experience as well as UK’s position in global education market by, defining its goal to be a promoter of the national, regional and local value of international education.

Canada offers numerous competitive degrees and you can work while pursuing an education. To know more details about Canada immigration talk to our visa agents.

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