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Australia bans subclass 457 visa- will soon replace it with 2 new programs

Posted On: 18-Apr-2017
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Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Australia has announced an official ban on subclass 457 visa of Australia. This program has been one of the most prominent and growing visa programs of Australia for temporary workers. By the means of this visa, skilled workers were able to reside in Australia for a period of 5 years.

Sources reveal that this visa had become so prominent that many Australian skilled workers lost their jobs to overseas skilled workers holding these visas.  Believing that a complete ban on this visa program will save the Australian jobs for the Aussies, the Government has called for the abolishment of this visa. It is said that this initiative has come up as a part of the “Australia First” Policy. “The new system would be ‘manifestly, rigorously, resolutely’ conducted in the national interest to put Australian jobs first”, says the Australian Prime Minister.

However, the Government still aims for a replacement and shall introduce two programs in place of the 457 subclass scheme, Australia.

  • One visa program will be a new 2 yr program, especially for best and brightest overseas candidates
  • Another visa program will hold a 4-year validity, specifically for candidates with exceptional English language skills (applicants will need to go through a strict criminal check & tough verifications)

The ongoing/ in process applications will not be affected by this rule. Their process would continue with the existing policies and conditions of the visa program. As of the news, the majority of temporary workers choosing this visa come from India, China, and United kingdom- and certainly, this rule change may lay an impact on the workers coming from these nations.

Is there any alternative to settle in Australia?

As 457 visas are only temporary resident visas & allow a skilled worker to reside in a nation for a temporary period of time, the best alternative to settle in Australia is a Permanent Resident Visa- General Skilled Migrant Visas. On obtaining a PR visa through any of the programs of the General Skilled Migrant scheme, one can live and work in Australia on a long term and as a permanent resident. Subclass 189, Subclass 190 and Subclass 489 are some of the many visa programs that come with a benefit of PR. Register for Australia Immigration Counselling & know how you can settle in Australia through the General Skilled Migrant Scheme.

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