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Australia Immigration in 2018: Skilled Occupation List experiences changes

Posted On: 19-Jan-2018
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Australia Immigration in 2018: Skilled Occupation List experiences changes

With effect from 17 January 2018, Australia Skilled Occupation List will have a revised face. All the immigration programs of Australia shall follow this list for 2018 Australia Immigration. This list features all occupations that deliver high value to the skills needed by the Australian economy.

Department of Home Affairs announced changes to this Skilled Occupation List of Australia so as reflect the skills that are needed by Australian labour market this year. Also, these changes aim to support Australia businesses to fill the vacancies which otherwise are not being filled by local labour.While some occupations have been added and some shifted between STSOL and MTLSSL, a few have been removed completely from the list.

 *STSOL & MTLSSL two sub-lists of Skilled Occupation List. While STSOL which features occupations that are in demand for short term, MTLSSL features medium & long term demanded occupations.

Occupations added to the lists

Three occupations, which were previously unavailable on any of the SOL are now added to the STSOL. They are:

  • Property Manager***- ANZCO code 612112
  • Psychotherapist– ANZCO code 272314
  •  Real Estate Representative***- ANZCO code 612115

*** indicates: excludes any of the following positions

  • that has a base salary of less than AUD $65,000
  • with a business that has fewer than five employers
  • with businesses that have an annual turnover of less than AUD$1M
  • which are not located in regional Australia

Occupations moved between the lists

Two occupations have been moved from the STSOL to the MTLSSL. They are:

  • Horse Breeder***- ANZCO code 121316 (*** indicates: excludes positions that predominantly involve low skilled tasks like fruit picking, feeding of livestock animals etc. or are not located in regional Australia)
  • Management Consultant***- ANZCO code 224711 (*** indicates: excludes positions in business that have an annual turnover less than AUD$1M; in businesses that have fewer than five employees; or have a nominated base salary of less than AUD$90,000)

Occupations removed from the lists

Two occupations have been removed from the list of eligible occupation for skilled visa programs. They are:

  • Building Associate- ANZCO code 312112
  • Hair or Beauty Salon Manager– ANZCO code 142114

The six-monthly review cycle of the occupation lists was established by the Australian Government in April 2017 to ensure that the occupations lists are responsive to changes in the Australian labour market, and align with the Australian Government’s policy that Australian workers have priority The changes will apply to applications made on or after 17 January 2018 and will not affect existing nominations or applications made prior to this date- says a statement in SBS Australia, a prominent public television network of the Oz.

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