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Australia Immigration: New Migrants Who Opt To Live Outside Big Cities Would Get Incentives

Posted On: 10-Oct-2018
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Australia Immigration: New Migrants Who Opt To Live Outside Big Cities Would Get Incentives

The Australia Immigration has recently unveiled a new proposal wherein it desires to attract new migrants to regions and smaller cities, even though most new migrants prefer to live in two big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Population Minister Alan Tudge stated on Tuesday that, the major objective of the policy is to ease congestion in Australia’s two biggest cities at the same time it also intends to boost regional areas.

The Australian government might also introduce visa conditions to limit as to where some migrants live for up to five years, he further added. However, some experts have raised questions as to whether the idea would be enforceable and would it help achieve the desired goal.

Presently, nearing to two-fifths of Australia’s 25 million people live in Sydney and Melbourne.

Though, as per the World Bank, Australia’s population growth rate ranks around 77th position globally, it is high among OECD nations –rising by 1.6% last year.

Australia population reached 25 million mark, the population growth has been driven largely by migration, with most people settling in Sydney, Melbourne and South East Queensland, as per the government. This has led to infrastructure as well as congestion problems, with Sydney as well as Melbourne each expected to cross more than 8 million residents by 2030.

Mr. Alan Tudge stated that the proposal is not detailed at this particular stage, but such type of visa would definitely carry a geographical requirement for minimum few years.

The New migrants would also be offered incentive hoping that the new migrants would remain in regional areas on a permanent basis. Such visa restrictions will not be extended to migrants who enter the nation on Employer sponsored visas or family reunion.

Immigration as well as population experts stated to BBC that such measures might not necessarily reduce congestion in cities.

Prof Jock Collins from the University of Technology stated to BBC that there has been a strong argument for the government to redirect the new migrants to regions and smaller cities but at the same time ample employment opportunities must be provided to them.

Prof Jock Collins, research demonstrated that migrants have thrived in smaller communities along with strong employment. Most of the migrants felt happy living in regions and smaller cities as they had a warm welcome.

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