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Australia offers two-years visa exclusively to overseas pilots

Posted On: 02-Jan-2018
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To fill the shortage of pilots in Australia, the government takes an initiative to offer a 2 year Australia visa to overseas pilots. The Home Minister of Australia, Peter Dutton said that the flight pilots have now been added to the list of skilled workers. He confirmed that pilots will now be allowed to arrive in Australia on a 2-year visa.  Adelaide Now has also confirmed the revision of Skilled Occupations and flight pilots being added as an in-demand occupation.

According to the news, from the next month, this permit will give way for pilots to arrive in Australia through provisional work visas. The spokesperson for Qantas, Andrew McGinnes said that the scarcity of pilots in the regional areas is so severe that many of the flights towards the regional routes had to be cancelled for a lack of pilots. This happened in the months of October and November.  The Spokesperson also added that several areas of a network have also been tweaked. McGinnes also stated that to reduce the impact on actual capacity, lesser lights with large carriers were operated. Nearly 600 pilots are undergoing training. This adds to the shortage of reserve staff (who are generally considered when any pilot falls sick).

Several authorities linked with the immigration department of Australia believe that this decision shall serve a purpose to filling the pilot vacancies or an ad hoc agreement made by Dutton while several term it to be an unnecessary measure that will in no way cater the issues that have resulted in a shortage of pilots.

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