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Australia Permanent Residency is No More a Difficulty for Low Skilled Workers

Posted On: 11-Dec-2018
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Australia Permanent Residency is No More a Difficulty for Low Skilled Workers

According to the recent update, the government of Northern Territory and south-west Victoria of Australia has made its Australia Permanent Residency, an easy gateway to obtain for candidates belonging to basic farm and hospitality skills. The interested candidates can move on an Australia work visa and then settle permanently with Australia Permanent Residency.

As per the agreements, there is a lower consideration for the eligibility factors for Australia immigration, i.e. for the skills, language proficiency and income of the interested candidates. After meeting the eligibility, the candidates are then allowed for the Permanent Residency Pathway.

However, the government of these regions is making it mandatory for the workers to stay at least for 3 years in the regions to qualify for Australia Permanent Residency.

David Coleman, the Minister of Australia immigration has stated that, “In particular, we are looking closely at ways of filling employment gaps in regional areas”.

Before, the Permanent Residency status was provided only to the selected candidates by the government. But, with the new changes, i.e. according to the Northern Territory’s DAMA, (commonly known as Designated Area Migration Agreements), the Australia immigration with PR visa is now open for candidates with low language proficiency, lowers skills and low income. Though, the DAMA was available before, it couldn’t give a chance to move Australia on a permanent basis.

One of the migration agent based in Darwin, Manuela Seiberth, stated that, “I think this is a very good thing, in particular in light of the recent immigration law reforms which increased the requirements for most employer-sponsored visas and general skilled migration, such as higher qualifications, more work experience and higher English language skills”.

The Northern Territory upgraded its range of occupations to 117 in total to attract and retain the skilled candidates in their region.

The Warrnambool region has even made a separate DAMA for candidates belonging to the meat processing, dairy, and other agricultural sectors. Though, these have been changes discussed by the government, there is still no clear view on the conditions till the DAMAs are signed.

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