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Australia records second for offering highest number of temporary permits

Posted On: 19-Sep-2019
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Australia records second for offering highest number of temporary permits

According to the report prepared by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australia is one of the largest temporary migrant workforces in the developed world. The report was an annual review of migration across the globe.

With a special study used on temporary migration, the Paris-based think tank highlights a large number of people with the right to work in countries like Australia and the United States.

The Morrison Government reduced the permanent migration intake to 160,000 for the coming four years, and at the same, it is seeking direct migrants to regional parts through its Australian regional programs.

OECD states that, though there is a decrease in Australian Permanent Residency, the country stands second in a total number of temporary residents after the US. About 750,000 permits are issued by Australia for temporary migration. On an overall proportion of the population, Australia stands seconds behind New Zealand.

Permits for Temporary migrants in 2017

Permits issued to temporary migrants, 2017
Country No.of permits
United States 1,772,037
Australia 726,359
Japan 710,858
Canada 591,700
New Zealand 246,686
France 211,460
Korea 181,168
Chile 178,249
Israel 152,579
Mexico 104,697
Germany 99,066
Spain 96,766
Sweden 51,569
Czech Republic 39,671
Switzerland 25,890
Belgium 17,549
Estonia 12,626
Ireland 7,351
Greece 5,602

Also, the international students who move to Australia with a student visa are the largest in the world. OECD reports that in a year, the international students of Australia report over 1.4 percent of the working population.

Additionally, it has even found that, if holidaymakers work during their stay, then that would boost the overall working population by 1.7 percent. Considering the account restrictions on temporary immigration, the OECD evaluates an equivalent of 200, i.e., 1.6 percent workforce or 350 full-time jobs.

Stefano Scarpetta – the OECD’s Employment, Labour and Social Affairs stated that it was essential for the government to understand the need and importance of Australia immigration.

“While the total flow of migrants is generally too small relative to the total workforce to affect native employment prospects and pay on average, high inflows of migrants into low-skilled jobs might damage the labour market prospects of young unskilled workers.”

“Recognizing the uneven distributional impact of migration and then addressing its consequences is crucial. It is important to identify the winners and the losers, compensate the latter and adapt policies so that negative impacts are minimized.”

The OECD concludes that the employment prospects for Australian migrants are much better than the locally born workers. The jobless rate in the European migrants is 4 percent. It has fallen from 4.5 percent in 2013 with an employment rate at 77.9 percent.

Also, the jobless rate of all migrants has fallen to 5.2 percent below the percentage of locally-born workers, i.e., with 5.4. However, there are even a few areas such as North African, the Middle East born migrants, etc. where migrant communities are missing out on job opportunities.

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