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Australia Reduced Processing Times for Partner Visa Applications to Almost Half

Posted On: 10-Sep-2018
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Australia Reduced Processing Times for Partner Visa Applications to Almost Half

Good news for partner visa applicants who have been waiting for long, recently Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has dropped processing times for partner visas. Earlier the wait period was around 21-26 months now these visas can be processed between 14-16 months.

The delay in visa processing has resulted in major financial and social implications on some Indian-Australian Couples. It has also resulted in putting a strain on their relationships.

One of the applicant’s reaction was, still there is a long way to go because other nations such as the United States of America and Canada have shorter processing time for Partner visa when compared to Australia. They wish, the ideal situation would be getting their visa processed in less than six months.

Applicants wish if the processing time is further reduced they will be able to face major challenges better such as buying their first home, planning a family, securing a job.

Previously the department has stated that the delays were mainly due to high demand, secondly there has been an increase in the proportion of high-risk applications.

In the annual migration program planning levels, the number of partner visas has still remained 47,825, even though there has more than 7% increase in the demand in 2016-2017 over the previous year.

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