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Australian Citizenship seeks Changes: Affect on IELTS score and PR Stay

Posted On: 03-Jan-2019
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Australian Citizenship seeks Changes: Affect on IELTS score and PR Stay

The Government of Australia is striving to make changes in its Australian Citizenship. It is aiming to introduce little advancements in its Australian Citizenship law, and this may cause the Australia Permanent Residents to stay longer as PR residents to apply. However, providing evidence of language proficiency before applying Australian Citizenship may also become a change in the Australian Citizenship law.

In April 2017, the Australian government proposed to make changes in its citizenship law. But, with the counterattack from the political bodies couldn’t make the law to get passed.

The Department’s and Cabinets of the Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull stated in their last year session that, the introduction of the Citizenship bill with the changes would be sought in the next spring sittings.

Though the spring has been set, the Government of Australia didn’t come up with the discussion on Australia Citizenship Legislation.

Let us check the proposed changes in the Australia Citizenship Law:

  • A decrease in required Language Proficiency:
    The Government of Australia selects candidates of minimum 6 bands on IELTS as eligible. But, with the suggested changes, it aims the candidates to migrate to Australia with a score of “moderate” in IELTS, i.e., with just 5 bands.
  • An increase of PR Stay to get Citizenship Eligibility:
    As of now, the immigrants who have got settled in Australia for four years and having at least a year spent as Australia Permanent Residents can apply for Citizenship. But, with the proposed changes, the government aims to increase the stay of the permanent residents to a minimum four years regardless of the time spent in Australia without PR status.

Alan Tudge, the Former Citizenship Minister, stated to the SBS Punjabi that, the government is still under the advisory about the changes of the Citizenship Legislation.

He added that “What we are going to be looking at is some sort of conversational level of English, may be of primary school level.” “We haven’t settled on the precise formula, and we would still like people to have that level of English before they become citizens.”

Anyhow, there isn’t any confirmation made still on the language requirement for the candidates aiming to migrate to Australia.

The successor of Alan Tudge, David Coleman – the current Minister for Immigration and Citizenship stated to the SBS Punjabi that, “Some level of English is good for migrants as well as for the country.”  “I’m currently considering what level that should be at.”

However, he didn’t comment or reveal about when the Citizenship Bill will be brought.

Since Australia is aiming for changes with this New Year, it would be helpful by assisting any immigration consultant. To know more about the Australia immigration news and the changes made for the migrants, feel free to speak to our expert immigration consultants. Call @ 040-40307077 or drop a message at info@kansaz.com.

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