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Australian Immigration Minister Makes Strong Case For Defending Annual Intake

Posted On: 19-Oct-2018
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Australian Immigration Minister Makes Strong Case For Defending Annual Intake

To maximize the gains for employers as well as the economy, the Morrison government is flagging a change to the skilled Australia immigration. It claims it would result in long-term boost worth $9.7 billion from the arrival of the new migrants each year.

In a major speech on Friday that signals the government’s reform plan, Australia Immigration Minister David Coleman would make a strong case for migration at the same time would be defending the annual intake against the critics who wish to have radical cuts.

The policy speech would put Australians on notice to expect extensive changes to the regional migration program and preference would be given to skilled workers sponsored by the employers rather than those who prefer to arrive on their own.

Mr. Coleman would war against demands for cuts to more than 500,000 overseas students presently studying in Australia using the Australia Study Visa, making a note education sector presently earns nearing to four times as much as export revenue as beef.

In a speech on Friday, Mr. Coleman states our nation’s history is one of immigration and we must be proud of it.

Almost each town, suburb, sporting club, church in our nation share immigration success stories and we must celebrate these successes.

The above remarks are a contrast with the calls for reducing the migration from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton prior to the August leadership spill that resulted Scott Morrison as Prime Minister. That’s not all; it also led to a cabinet reshuffle wherein Mr.Coleman gained major parts of MR. Dutton’s portfolio.

As per the Deloitte Access Economics Analysis for the year 2014 to 2015 cohort, Australia has gained net fiscal benefit worth $9.7 billion in a year.

Mr. Coleman stated, by adding workers, migration reduces the impacts of the aging population and helps enable us to pay for the services which are essential.

The best results are from employer-sponsored applicants, not all elements of the skilled programme are equal. There exists an opportunity to increase the focus here, which would result in direct as well as substantial economic benefits.

Mr. Coleman stresses on the benefits of encouraging migrants who are younger because taxpayers must cover the cost of those who are near to the retirement.

He further added, our policies must reflect the fact that, the best economic results would generally come from migrants who are not only skilled but young as well.

Mr. Coleman has made a note on foreign students, that education services earned $30 billion in export revenue previous year, four times as much as beef and five times as much as wheat.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has warned about the 1.6 million visitors to Australia having work rights, a group that includes students. Labor employment spokesman Brendan O’ Connar has raised the idea of a cap on the program.

Mr. Coleman said, nearing to 56,000 foreign visitors came to Australia to attend an overseas student graduation in the year 2014 and they contributed nearing to $208 million to the economy. Foreign students last year spent around $994 million.

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