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Canada increased its employment rate in 2018: B.C., Ontario immigration has the major contribution

Posted On: 05-Jan-2019
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Canada increased its employment rate in 2018: B.C., Ontario immigration has the major contribution

The unemployment rate which was increased in the year 1976 has reached its lowest point in the year 2018. This was done majorly with the Ontario PNP system.  With the contribution of the Ontario immigration, the numbers of employees have increased by 78,000 over a year. This has eventually made its unemployment get decreased to 0.2 % to 5.4%.

However, even the B.C. has made a great effort in decreasing the province unemployment rate to 4.4 %. For the year 2018, B.C. has the lowest unemployment rate and Ontario follows the next.

With the B.C. immigration, the province has received a growth of nearly 44,000 employment with a maximum of full-time opportunities. The Canadian Statistics has stated the employment rate of B.C. as the double of the national average.

Similarly, the Saskatchewan Immigration program has also contributed the best in 2018. It has successfully made its employment rate reach to 1.9 percent, i.e., has provided employment to nearly 11,000 people. Thus, it made its unemployment rate to decrease to 0.9 percentage points to 5.6 percent.

According to the statements received from the Canada Statistics, 2018 reports the lowest rate since the year 1976. The country has increased its employment to 1,63,000 in 2018.

Based on this, Statistics Canada said that the employment increase has mostly reflected in service industries, health care, and social assistance. Also, this employment gain of nearly 74,000 is carried by building, business, and other support services with 59,000.

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