Banks account of UK residents overstaying their visas will be freezed

Posted on November 18, 2017

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Therasa May announced that all the bank accounts of the UK residents who are overstaying on their visas will be freezed from January 2018. For this purpose of UK visa status check, buildings societies and banks in UK will be scanned for more than 70 million current accounts. Under the provision of UK Immigration Act 2014, UK visa checks are carried for people who open a new building society or a new bank account. The aim here is clear- to get hand of the visa holders who are and have been overstaying in the country despite the visa expiry.

The UK Home office has claimed that this initiative will catch hold illegal immigrants and prove a motive to get them leave the United Kingdom. Plus, this will also be benefit to examine immigrants who have large sum of money, without proper evidences of the same.  At the same time, the Home Office officials have confirmed to keep a close eye on the situation. They have also stated to the building societies and banks to inform their clients that any errors regarding their visa status must be reported to the Home Office.