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British Columbia’s Smaller Communities Aid With The Intro Of New Regional Pilot Program

Posted On: 23-Nov-2018
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British Columbia’s Smaller Communities Aid With The Intro Of New Regional Pilot Program

The British Columbia province is scheduling for a new pilot program for attracting foreign entrepreneurs to their lower communities all around. The program is termed as the Entrepreneur Immigration-Regional Pilot Program and it is framed to get launched at the start of 2019. Also, the duration of the program is for 2-years.

Within this, the communities of the region and the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)  partner up for welcoming immigrant entrepreneurs who have planned for opening a business with approval for Canada Immigration.

In order to get enrolled from a society center with a population over 75,000, the communities should have a distance longer than 30 kilometers.

Also, with regards to the new pilot, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program expressed that, “This initiative is intended to maximize the economic benefits of immigration to B.C. to support shared prosperity across the province”.

The business built by the entrepreneurs should address the needs of the supporting community and also, the local partners along with the community should be supporting the chosen entrepreneur to get settled faster.

However, to get registered, the entrepreneur should gain referrals from their preferred community for setting up a business by performing a simple visit. The selected candidate receive a Temporary Work Permit granted, and then called for permanent residency with a nomination issued by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program as they have met the required criteria.

The BC PNP added it that, the pilot program has a decrease in the investment and net worth value than the base Entrepreneur Immigration category. Hence, with this, settling in BC cities with a business will become more populated.

The required eligibility criteria are:

  • Need of scheduling for a preparatory visit to the community
  • Should have minimum $100,000 towards their business investment
  • Able to maintain a minimum value of $300,000 for personal net value
  • Should be effective business holder with 3+ years’ experience or a senior manager with an experience over 4 years
  • Need of being capable of maintaining 51% of ownership
  • Need of creating  new jobs to the Canadian citizen and Canadian PR holder; at least one

Additionally, the candidates have to run their proposal with the designated pilot representative through an introductory visit. Then, the best candidate receives an ITA for becoming the part of the province. Candidate’s part of the program get a scorecard and the tendency is that the highest scores will be the first to receive a nomination under the BC-PNP invitation.

The program is estimated to be get opened by the next January and continue till it completes its initial stage of 2 years.

If you are in a plan to start up a business in Canada, choose the BC PNP new entrepreneur program. For availing more information, contact our Canada immigration consultants; call @ 040-40307077.

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