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British Council proposes for choosing Computer based IELTS in India

Posted On: 02-Feb-2019
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British Council proposes for choosing Computer based IELTS in India

The British Council is rapidly making changes for their test takers and stakeholders to improve their IELTS Score. Also, along with this, the British Council announces for the immigrants to take up the World’s popular English language test through computer-based.

IELTS is the most popular English language test in the world. Also, it is recognized by more than 10,000 universities, schools, employers and immigration bodies. This is the test, which is accepted widely, such as for Australia immigration, Canada immigration, New Zealand Immigration, and the UK immigration.

From many years, the exam is conducted on papers, but from now it is even going to be digitalized. This feature is now available in New Delhi and will be starting its process from 9th February 2019. The solution delivered through this is produced securely with assurance in quality. However, this isn’t any replacing of the paper-based IELTS test, but just an option for the test takers. Hence, the candidates can have their IELTS test with any of the one mode offered.

This is now a great scope for the candidates to think over; for receiving best and faster results. For the test conducted through the computer-based, candidates can choose their own time for examination and receive results faster, i.e., in five to seven days after completing the exam.

Likewise, the IELTS on papers, the content of the test, fees, structure, and timing remain the same for the IELTS test on computer. However, the speaking test remains the same. A certified IELTS Examiner face-to-face conducts the Speaking test.

Candidates choosing IELTS test through computer-based can have access to support materials for preparing. This helps them in preparing and obtaining the best score. The ultimately received score will help them in easy abroad immigration.

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