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Canada dedicates $1 billion CAD for newcomer services

Posted On: 28-Feb-2018
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Canada dedicates $1 billion CAD for newcomer services

The well-known destination for immigration, Canada has a new announcement in favor of immigration aspirants. According to the columns of Canadim, the country has allotted $1 billion CAD to introduce easier Newcomer services and enhance few existing ones. The newcomer services are a helping hand extended by Canadian government for immigrants in order to ease their stay in the Maple country. These services are exclusively for new immigrants who have no connections or relatives in Canada to help them settle. Moreover, for newcomers, these services are absolutely free.

What constitute to newcomer services?

In a common man language, new comer services are nothing but easy settlement services offered to Canada PR visa holders after they arrive in the country. These services are offered at a local level in most regions of Canada, either through agencies or service providers. These services are generally confidential and offered at no cost. Immigrants can depend on newcomer services in the following major areas:

  • Finding an accommodation
  • Finding an employment after landing
  • Finding schools and enrolling children
  • Filling out government forms for identification papers, healthcare claims, etc.
    • Seeking language assistance to learn the Canadian native language

Big budget allotted for Newcomer Services in 2018

With a plan to admit nearly 1 million new immigrants between 2018 and 2020, the country recognizes an extended need of newcomer services. The government has dedicated nearly $1 billion CAD towards this initiative. “We believe that equipping newcomers to succeed faster and to integrate is of benefit to all of us”, says the Canada Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen in this context.

The Minister also stated that with a proper support, many immigrants can surpass national salaries of average Canadians within just a few years of their arrival. French language training sessions would add to this support initiative greatly. According to the news, nearly 36% of the total budget allotted will be funded in language training sessions. Authorities believe that through French languages skills development sessions, immigrants will find it easier to succeed in the job market and interact more easily with government service and communities.

With such positive initiatives and encouraging outcomes taking place in 2018, we can foretell that Canada is certainly putting best efforts to give its newcomers a home-alike experience. To check your scope for Canada immigration in 2018, ask our expert for guidance.

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