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Canada Eases Pathway For Techies Amid US Toughening The Process For H1B Visas

Posted On: 09-Oct-2018
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Canada Eases Pathway For Techies Amid US Toughening The Process For H1B Visas

Trump administration increased scrutiny of H-1B visas for Skilled Foreign Workers and it intends to levy ban on spouses getting US jobs and Canada Immigration has been moving forward very aggressively to acquire foreign talent out of Silicon Valley as well other technology regions of the US.

Even though Canadian Government might not say as to whether it is leveraging the tumultuous as well as uncertain immigration climate in the US. But Experts state that Canada’s year old “Global Skills Strategy Program” which provides work permits is very similar to US H-1B Visa. It is ideally structured to attract foreign-born individuals who are highly Skilled Tech Workers to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. True, immigrants make up merely 20% of Canada’s population but they hold about half of technology, science, engineering and math degrees at the bachelor’s level and above as per the government figures.

Earlier Canada’s employment permit process for skilled workers took months before the above program launched. It helps in capturing the entire Silicon Valley people and it captures them very fast.

Numerous people earlier opting to work in the US have now changed their mind opted for Canada, the reason being they need not worry about visa as to whether they will be able to come back if they leave the nation, hence they are opting for Canada Permanent Residency.

Long wait for green card and uncertainty about US Visas were causing a brain drain in Silicon Valley long before Trump presided the office. When it comes to Canada, it has been working for many years to grow its Technology hubs and putting up recruiting billboards along Bay Area freeway as earlier as 2013.

Experts state that the present US climate has made Canada more appealing for some foreign workers.

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