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Canada Global Talent Stream- Coming Soon for Temporary Workers

Posted On: 26-Apr-2017
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The Canadian immigration law allows certain Canadian employers to hire foreign workers when they believe that the Canadian citizens or permanent residents are unable to meet the labor market shortage and requirement. This happens by the means of a temporary work permit. As a general rule, the IRCC will issue a work permit to eligible foreign nationals once the Canadian employer obtains LMIA from the Service Canada/Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC)- confirming that no Canadians are able to take up the respective job the foreign national is being hired for. This process generally takes up to five months and sometimes even longer.

To expedite this process, the Canadian government has announced a beginning of a new program- Global Talent Stream.  It is expected that with the introduction of this program the Canadian work permit applications will be processed within just two weeks. This will eventually serve the best benefit to high-growth companies that need unique foreign talent and also the organizations that need talent for their occupation on the Skills Shortage List.

IRCC announced that the Global Talent Stream (GTS) would come into effect from June 12, 2017, as a 24-month pilot Program. While processing time for the LMIA will improve with the introduction of this program, it is believed that the processing of the work permit application will also be completed within 10 business days.

Who will be eligible for the Global Talent Stream?

Category A: Employers of high growth companies who have a demonstrated need for unique talent to boost their business will be eligible for the GTS.

Category B: Employers who have a demonstrated need for skilled workers to fill the occupations on the Skills Shortage List are also eligible to apply for the GTS.

While these are the two categories that have been announced, the eligibility requirements are yet being developed. The finer details of this initiative are also under development.

To know more details on how to settle in Canada as a temporary work or a permanent resident register for a free Canada Immigration counselling.

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