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Canada immigrant workers may be granted open work permits

Posted On: 06-Feb-2019
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Canada immigrant workers may be granted open work permits

Canada moves a step ahead to propose reforms in the policy related to the closed work permit for the migrant and foreign workers. This will free the workers to shift owners if they face abuse at their workplace. This will be especially beneficial for women who are Canada immigrant workers and work as caregivers. These women mostly work in an unsafe condition not having subjected to employee health and safety.

The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have already completed consultation on the proposed regulation. This is indeed an encouraging step that will help temporary workers change their employers if they are being ill-treated or abused. This step from the Canada immigration department will undoubtedly encourage more and more Canada immigrant workers visit the country in search for better job circumstances.

Previous, to this amendment, was thought of, temporary workers from various countries moved to Canada and on the work visa. They had to work with the same employer whom they were entitled to operate according to their Visa norms. They were abused and ill-treated but couldn’t quit or look for a change over as that would mean, they have to leave the country as well. Most workers refrained from doing that as they were afraid of losing their jobs.

The Canadian Capital Ottawa has already announced that it is planning open work permits for Canada immigrant workers to quit their abusive employer and look for another job without the fear of being deported or penalized. However, this proposition is still in a stage where it applies to migrants with valid work visas or on “implied status” where they have applied for a renewal before the expiration of their current visa tenure.

Hundreds of temporary workers and migrants from countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, etc aspire to get employed in countries like Canada and Australia. The steps taken in the direction to safeguard their well-being can bring in more people willing to work as Canada immigrant workers.

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