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Canada immigration fuels economic growth of the country

Posted On: 04-Mar-2019
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Canada immigration fuels economic growth of the country

Canada immigration has always been a huge issue in the country’s political scenario. However, over this weekend, the federal liberals have given a clear indication that they will be utilizing the Canada immigration to boost economic growth. In a town hall-style event that took place at the Summer Street Industries, New Glasgow, moderated by the Central Nova MP, Sean Fraser, the federal Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen said, “Anyone who hates on immigrants or immigration is actually working against our national interests”. Both Ahmed and Fraser explained how the immigration policy of the liberals helps in reversing the population decline and complemented in the growth of the economy in the places that required the most.

According to Hussen, Canada immigration has fueled the economic growth of Atlantic Canada and he is proud of the efforts of the liberals paid off. Most importantly, three new immigration programs were discussed during the gathering, which are

  • Skilled workers migrating from the new pilot program, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)
  • Season workers migrating through temporary foreign workers program
  • Refugees through community or private sponsorships of blended visa

The newly coined AIPP program matches the foreign skilled workers to the Canadian employers who are unable to fill the vacancy with the natives. Since 2017, 3700 Canadian employers have registered to the program. Speaking about the AIPP program, the federal immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen cited the example of a Nova Scotian hiring a skilled worker from Australia and eventually this decision led to the opening of 35 jobs for the Nova Scotians. Both Hussen and Fraser also cited the example of Peace by Chocolate in Antigonish, which hired 35 local workers in 2018.

However, the session did not go unquestioned for the liberals. The audience raised questions about the temporary workers who do not have the skills to apply under the AIPP and are coming to Canada for six months for around 10 years now. The audiences were eager to know what the government was actually thinking about them, will they be given the opportunity to apply for PR or citizenship? To these questions, Fraser stated that liberals are working to make the policies smother for the temporary workers. According to Fraser, the temporary foreign workers are filling in positions for local employers who cannot find suitable native workers.

Fraser also added Canada immigration has complemented the economic growth. The newcomer’s policy will not only add to the economic growth but also create more jobs locally and improve the quality of services for the natives.

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