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Canada Immigration launches the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Posted On: 11-Mar-2017
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On March 6, 2017 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada launched a pilot program for the ease of immigrants to settle in the Atlantic regions of Canada. This program is named as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). This program is associated to lower eligibility criteria than other Canadia schemes, and is specifically designed to give a fast route to both employers and applicant. As of the news, the AIP is great source of attaining a permanent residency for graduates and workers willing to settle in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador. The applicants willing to migrate under this program will need a job offer as an essential of their eligibility criteria and evident funds to manage their & their accompanying family member’s immigration and stay in Canada.

As of the structure of the AIPP, it has a unique set of criteria and a faster processing time. The program is valid for a 3 year duration and the processing time is approx. 6 months for this program. Though job offer is mandatory, the applicants who cannot meet the current criteria for Canada Immigration can easily apply for a PR under this pilot program, in the selected provinces. Comparatively, the language requirements too of AIPP are low (CLB4) and this is one of the major elements that make this pilot program more attractive for aspirants with low language skills. What’s more interesting is that the AIPP is not a points based system. A quota of 2000 applications has been fixed for this year.

The three streams that constitute the Atlantic Pilot Program are- Atlantic High Skilled Program, the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program and Atlantic International Graduate Program. An applicant’s level of education, employment experience, skills & job offer is taken into consideration when determining which stream of this program suits the applicant best.

In the employer perspective, this program is best for for employers who need foreign talent to fill their vacancies fast, and without the requirement of obtaining a LMIA.

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