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Canada Issues the Highest Number of PR Visas and Student Visas for Indians

Posted On: 17-Oct-2019
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Canada Issues the Highest Number of PR Visas and Student Visas for Indians

According to the Yearly Report of Canada Immigration, Indians received the highest number of PR visas. In 2018, over 39,600 Indian citizens received Canada permanent residency visa under the Express Entry system.

This number increased by 50% since 2017, wherein only 26,300 visas were issued that year.

“The top countries of citizenship based on the people admitted to Canada generally mirrors those of invited candidates. Nearly half of all people admitted in 2018 had Indian citizenship,” Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Canada’s immigration division, said in Express Entry year-end report.

This statement created a new hope among Indians and we anticipated that more Indian citizens will be invited to Canada in 2019.

With the simultaneous rigidity brought by Trump administration in the U.S immigration and Canada opening its arms wide in welcome, the shift in interest was evident. Both Canada and Indian skilled professionals encouraged Canada immigration.

Now the good news is nearly 25% of total visas issued till date by Canada were received by Indians.

“From January to August 2019, Canada issued over 2,28,510 PR visas. Over 57,185 visas were issued to Indians. This accounts for an impressive 25% of the total visas issued.”

Thus, this places India first on the list of countries to receive highest visas from Canada in the first 3 quarters.

Quarter 1: Visas Issued by Country

Quarter1 Period Visas Issued by Country

Quarter 2: Visas Issued by Country

Quarter2 Period Visas Issued by Country

Quarter 3: Visas Issued by Country

Quarter3 Period Visas Issued by Country

It is reported that among the Indians who received PR visas, majority of them represented the tech sector. With a high demand of IT professionals, ease of immigration programs, and introduction of the Global Skill Strategy (GSS) program, tech professionals have made Canada their favourite over the United States.

Student Migration Increases in Numbers

We understand that immigrants have a lot of benefits in Canada. Be it in the IT or the Non-IT, there’s a desk waiting for every skilled candidate.

Amazingly, the statistics show a rapid increase in the number of students migrating to Canada. This number is higher than that of students moving the United States for international education.

According to a news published in the Times of India, nearly 83,540 students moved to Canada in 2017 whereas 44,741 students chose to study in the United States.

This number went up in 2018. Also, in 2019, nearly 50,000 have signed up for a Canada visa (till July 2019).

The Times of India reports “Canada now attracts the maximum number of Indians students leaving the country for higher studies.” Candidates stated that Canada has the best education system with excellent Universities at a cheaper and more affordable price when compared to the US and the UK.

In other words, much of the growth in demand to study overseas was absorbed by Australia and Canada at the expense of the US and the UK”, as per the analysis of World Education Services.

Indians are blooming out as the best need for Canada as they are fulfilling their skilled requirement. If you are a skilled professional aiming to discover your career in Canada, then feel free to reach us and start your visa process.

You can reach us by calling to our toll-free number- 1800-102-0109 or drop an email to info@kansaz.com.

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