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Canada-Ontario announced an immigration agreement- an initiative to train migrants

Posted On: 25-Nov-2017
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With intent to skilled migration and provide training support to newcomers, Canada and Ontario have announced a joint agreement. This agreement was launched in presence of Ahmed Hussen (Immigration Minister of Canada) and Laura Albanese (Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) at a ceremony held on November 24, 2017.  This initiative associated with the new agreement known as the COIA (Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement) involves a funding over CAD 91 million. This means that both the governments have jointly allotted funds to arrange for training programs for immigrants for the next three years. Through these training programs, immigrants can expect to enhance their skills and meet the occupational requirements of the province, and country on the whole.

In the entire year of 2017, nearly 6000 nominates for PR were solely issued by Ontario. A fact that Ontario is most sought-after destination for newcomers, with over 100,000 becoming permanent residents each year, makes Ahmed Hussen believe that collaborating with Ontario will greatly help in attaining mutual goals. Plus, this initiative will also be of great support to the success of the recently announced Multi-Year Immigration Plan of Canada, says Hussen.

In this regard, Albense the Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration said that as immigration benefits both Ontario and Canada, this agreement will benefit both on the whole. COIA shall improve the ability of Ontario to collaborate with the federal government for attracting immigrants who are beneficial to the shared economies and bring growth to Canada, added Albanese.

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