10,000 Sponsors selected for Canada Parent & Grandparent Program

Posted on April 27, 2017

The Parent & Grandparent Program of Canada is for permanent residents or citizens who wish to sponsor & invite their parents and grandparents to reside with them in Canada. This year, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have selected a huge number of candidates who had shown interest in sponsoring their parents & grandparents through this program. This program commenced earlier this year on January 2017 when the IRCC invited the online Interest to Sponsor (from those who were interested in sponsoring). Over 95,000 applications have submitted the Interest to Sponsor form online. Among them, a total of 10,000 applications were selected on April 25, 2017.

Besides, there have been several changes made to the structure of the PGP Canada:

Doubled quota: Generally, Canada accepts 5,000 applications each year for its Parent & Grandparent program. This year the quota of applications has been doubled to 10,000. It is believed that this is an initiative taken to encourage family reunification in the country.

Changed application format: Previously, this program was followed by a First come first serve pattern. This year, IRCC introduced the process of submitting the Interest to Sponsor (online form) before filing the final application. Just like Canada Express Entry, applications are landed into a pool and eligible sponsors are selected from the Pool.

90 Days submission period: On selection, applicants have a time 90 days to submit their complete final applications along with the relevant documents.  

Eligibility criteria to qualify for PGP:

  • Be a Permanent resident or Citizen of Canada
  • Be of 18 years or older
  • Fulfill the criteria of min. income level
  • Sign a Sponsorship agreement (demonstrating that he/she shall provide all financial support to the sponsored parents or grandparents)

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