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Canada Provinces Update Jan 2018

Posted On: 11-Jan-2018
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Canada Provinces Update Jan 2018

Sources recently revealed that Provincial Nomination Programs will play a big role in 2018 Canada Immigration.  No sooner than the New Year began, provinces were all set with new & bright opportunities for Canada immigration aspirants. Here’s what the recent provincial announcements covered:

Alberta announces higher intake for 2018: The allotment of nominations announced by Alberta province for 2018 is as high as 5,600. This results in a space of 100 more nominations than the previous year. Moreover, till 2017 Alberta had three streams, namely- the Strategic Recruitment Stream, Employer-Driven Stream and Self Employed Farmer Stream to nominate candidates. In 2018, it is expected that Alberta will condense first two streams into one & form the Alberta Opportunity Stream. Though Alberta is in plans to align a second stream with Express Entry, the criteria and related details are yet to be made public. With this being announced, aspirants can expect two new streams from Alberta in 2018.

Saskatchewan opens for 400 new applications: First-come-first-serve subcategory of Saskatchewan, the International Skilled Worker-Express Entry has opened in the early hours of January 10, 2018. It is stated that the sub-category will remain opened till it meets the threshold of 400 new applications. To candidates who have missed this opening, Attorney David Cohen (senior partner with Canada Immigration Law Firm) advises, “Since this sub-category opens without advanced notice, it is important that interested Express Entry candidates be prepared and have their documents in order so they can quickly apply when it does.”

While this is the provincial update till date, stay tuned to our news section to receive more information on PNP and many such immigration updates, from worldwide.

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